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Definitions of "halo"

  • noun
  • A luminous ring or disk of light surrounding the heads or bodies of sacred figures, such as saints, in religious paintings; a nimbus. noun
  • A ring or disk resembling the halo of a sacred figure. noun
  • A feeling of glory, reverence, or admiration associated with a person or thing. noun
  • noun
  • A circular band of colored light around a light source, as around the sun or moon, caused by the refraction and reflection of light by ice particles suspended in the intervening atmosphere. noun
  • A roughly spherical region of relatively dust-free space surrounding a galaxy and extending beyond the visible parts of the galaxy. Galactic halos contain stars (often located in globular clusters), gas, and dark matter. noun
  • To encircle with a halo. transitive verb
  • A luminous circle, either white or colored, seen round the sun or moon, and commonly of 22° or of 46° radius, the definite radii depending on the definite angles of ice-crystals. noun
  • A circle of light, as the nimbus surrounding the head of a saint. See nimbus. noun
  • A brownish circle round the nipple; an areola. noun
  • Pl. halones (hal′ ō˙-nēz). In ornithology, certain chiefly concentric rings of color in the yolk of an egg: an optical appearance due to the deposition of the yolk in successive layers or strata. noun
  • Figuratively, an ideal glow or glory investing an object as viewed through the medium of feeling or sentiment. noun
  • To form a halo.
  • To surround with a halo.
  • A luminous circle, usually prismatically colored, round the sun or moon, and supposed to be caused by the refraction of light through crystals of ice in the atmosphere. Connected with halos there are often white bands, crosses, or arches, resulting from the same atmospheric conditions. noun
  • A circle of light; especially, the bright ring represented in painting as surrounding the heads of saints and other holy persons; a glory; a nimbus. noun
  • An ideal glory investing, or affecting one's perception of, an object. noun
  • A colored circle around a nipple; an areola. noun

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