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A hammer toe or contracted toe is a deformity of the proximal interphalangeal joint of the second, third, or fourth toe causing it to be permanently bent, resembling a hammer. Mallet toe is a similar condition affecting the distal interphalangeal joint.Claw toe is another similar condition, with dorsiflexion of the proximal phalanx on the lesser metatarsophalangeal joint, combined with flexion of both the proximal and distal interphalangeal joints. Claw toe can affect the second, third, fourth, or fifth toes..

What does the word hammertoe mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word hammertoe in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with hammertoe and anagrams of hammertoe.

Definitions of "hammertoe"

  • A toe, usually the second, that is permanently flexed downward, resulting in a clawlike shape. noun
  • A medical condition where a toe is permanently bent down. noun
  • A toe suffering from such condition. noun
  • a deformed toe which is bent in a clawlike arch noun

The word "hammertoe" in example sentences

The higher the heel, the more pressure is placed on the forefoot and the likelier you are to develop a bunion, hammertoe, pinched nerve, corn, or callus.. [Leora Tanenbaum: Shoes Wisely: 10 Smart Shoe Shopping Tips for the Ladies]

The higher the heel, the more pressure is placed on the forefoot, the higher the likelihood of developing a bunion, hammertoe, neuroma, corn, or callus.. [Leora Tanenbaum: Kitten Heels? Meow!]

But trimming a long toe can prevent it from becoming a hammertoe, in which the toe buckles up at the joint, often creating painful corns on top and displacing the fat pad underneath.. [Toe the Line: Doctors Fight Cosmetic Foot Surgery]

Rosa Elisabetta of the hammertoe, Rosa Elisabetta of the corns.. [Rick Moody: The Diviners (Excerpt)]

Pointy toes pinch, causing painful hammertoe and blisters.. [OUR BODIES, OURSELVES]

"If someone has a hammertoe, the toes are curled up as a result of wearing high-heeled shoes," Garten said.. [The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com]

Youner, a podiatrist in Midtown, said her patients' high heels led to broken feet, bunions, hammertoe and inflamed nerves - but no headaches.. [NYT > Home Page]

A hammertoe is when a toe becomes curled up like a claw.. [Health News from Medical News Today]

Bunions, hammertoe and other foot problems and deformities. [Health News from Medical News Today]

I’ve got a hammertoe, Doc, and could you remove an ingrown toenail for me?. [Think Progress » Beck Touts Conspiracy Theory That Obama Is Buying Health Care Vote By Selling Judgeship]

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How to Correct a Hammertoe
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