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A Hand-Over is a term used in the animation industry to refer to the process of adding finger and hand motion capture data to the pre-existing full-body motion capture data, using a hand motion capture device..

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  • Alternative spelling of handover. noun

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Mr. Salway said he had been planning his departure and discussing the hand-over with the board since the end of 2010.. [Land Securities CEO Quits for "New Challenge']

Reuters Army troops fold the U.S. flag during a hand-over ceremony of Camp Kalsu to the Iraqi army on Sunday.. [As U.S. Exit Nears, Iraq Leader Vows Calm]

Ernst & Young ShinNihon last month commissioned the four-member panel after a separate panel appointed by Olympus's board raised questions on the hand-over process when Ernst & Young took over from KPMG AZSA LLC in 2009.. [TPG Is Exploring Joint Investment in Olympus]

The American Civil Liberties Union calls this the "single biggest hand-over of unchecked war authority from Congress to the executive branch in modern American history"; they are absolutely right.. [Rep. Charles Rangel: Stop GOP Push for Perpetual Warfare]

It calls for a gradual hand-over to Afghan troops and initial withdrawals of foreign forces by the middle of this year, concluding in 2014, when security throughout the nation will be transferred entirely to government forces.. [Taliban Strength Unaffected By Allied Surge]

Kozhin, head of the Russian presidential property department, speaking at a hand-over ceremony for the movies last October.. [Silent films recovered: These new releases are oldest in a long time]

Meanwhile, the deadline for a proposed hand-over of security responsibility to Afghan Security Forces for seven areas of the country is scheduled to coincide with a drawdown in U.S. forces in July.. [Petraeus: U.S. still needed in Afghanistan]

We then discovered the actual Golden Gramophone was sent to us by mail; there was no grand hand-over on the day.. [Fallin’ Up]

We spent about three hours in hand-over meetings, walking them through the hab's systems and answering questions.. [MDRS-88 sol 14 photos]

Taken in the round over its half-millennium history—between John Cabot landing in Newfoundland in 1497 and the hand-over of Hong Kong in 1997—did the British Empire contribute or detract from the sum of human happiness?. [Now That The Sun Has Set]

Serbian judges rejected an appeal by war-crimes suspect Ratko Mladic seeking to stop his extradition to a U.N. tribunal, paving the way for his quick hand-over to face charges for the worst atrocities of the Bosnian war.. [What's News—]

The decision was the latest phase in a long-running legal battle that has put Thailand in the middle of a tug-of-war between Washington and Moscow, both of which are demanding Bout's hand-over.. [World Watch]

- When faced with either option, most people give up, and hand-over their number.. [Robert Siciliano: McAfee Reveals the Top Ten Most Dangerous Places to Leave Your Social Security Number]

The hand-over to the Iraqi government causes grave concerns in my mind that he'll find his way back to the battlefield where undoubtedly innocent people will be killed.. [Baghdad Takes Custody of Last U.S. Detainee]

Talks between Chinese diplomats and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North are progressing well enough that the rebel group is now finalizing a plan for a safe hand-over of all 29 hostages, according to SPLM-N spokesman Arnu Ngutulu Lodi.. [Sudan Rebels Set to Free Chinese Hostages]

Dreamt up by Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel, the event was meant to represent a moment of post-election reckoning, a time when the international community held President Karzai to a number of benchmarks – on anti-corruption, development, security hand-over etc.. [Cancel the London Afghanistan Conference]

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@politico: A prestigious New York law firm admitted to misleading the Justice Department about its work with Paul Manafort on behalf of…

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