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Definitions and meanings of "Happenstance"

What do we mean by happenstance?

A chance circumstance. noun

A chance or random event or circumstance. noun

The chance or random quality of an event or circumstance. noun

An event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental noun

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Synonyms and Antonyms for Happenstance

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The word "happenstance" in example sentences

I won’t tell you the main happenstance, because that twist IS the plot … but …. you’ll recognize it too. ❋ Deep_bluze (2004)

The impression on an anti-Semite or potential anti-Semite is that the 'happenstance' of his vet status saves him from being rightfully obliterated. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Using government money on a vast scale to keep the financial markets working, then to save the automobile industry from bankruptcy, has edged the Bush administration deep into a kind of happenstance socialism. ❋ Baker, Russell (2009)

The saying " If....were better I would be okay" has come to sum up a dependence on "happenstance" to bring me or others a sense of well being, okay-ness, safety or joy. ❋ Meg (2009)

While I liked both Gwen and Harry, their relationship - with a 20-year age gap and a failed marriage each - did seem "happenstance," almost as though they ended up together because they were the only two left to get out of Yellowknife relatively unscathed. ❋ Tinylittlelibrarian (2008)

When reached for comment, Adam L a/k/a clammyc noted that the timing of this post was merely "happenstance". by: you @ soon ❋ Adam L A/k/a Clammyc (2010)

Ms. Jarrett told the crowd that this economic crisis did not occur by "happenstance" but is the result of our "profound irresponsibility." ❋ Unknown (2009)

The word karcha comes from the word mikreh - "happenstance" ❋ Unknown (2008)

He said he didn't want to call it "happenstance" but "we did a lot of things right. ❋ Chron [email protected] (Tom FitzGerald (2011)

"happenstance" manner that haunts so many ensemble pieces. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Vetri is the real deal: a philanthropic, guitar-playing, accomplished, brilliantly modest chef who owns three restaurants, has two cookbooks, runs a million dollar foundation, and by happenstance embodies the "six perfections" that a Bodhisattva must generate -- hence the title of this piece. ❋ Rozanne Gold (2011)

Scientists know that scientific progress is often the product of vague hunches, happenstance, accident, and even pure luck rather than precise planning. ❋ Kevin L. Kearns (2011)

I did not set out to become a revolutionary, but I became one by happenstance nonetheless. ❋ Con Chapman (2011)

Sometimes, it's the happenstance of time and place that suggest it all. ❋ Bill Bush (2011)

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What does happenstance mean?

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