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Definitions and meanings of "Harelipped"

What do we mean by harelipped?

Having a harelip

In the context the swamp man uses it. It got harelipped man its just gone. So destroyed or ruined. Urban Dictionary

V. To hit someone in the face so hard it splits the upper lip. Normally it's used figuratively. Urban Dictionary

It goes to morris catholic high school. And has no friends, titties, and eats ballsack off a tree. Urban Dictionary

The correct spelling of "satin's hair lip." (god knows what that person thinks this means.) another term for "glint," a street drug made by mixing household chemicals and applied to the lips, at least according to amy sedaris. Urban Dictionary

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The word "harelipped" in example sentences

They should get a harelipped, cross-eyed hemophiliac kid to act alongside Adam Sandler. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Within a year, his process was being used on five continents, in service of almost every field of human endeavor—to yield photogenic drawings of fossils, for phrenology portraits of captured Congo slaves, to study the geological strata of the American West, to catalog the medical pathology of the harelipped and the goitered and the leprosied, to chronicle eclipses and astronomical events, to render portraiture of politicians and kings and heads of state. ❋ Dominic Smith (2006)

He was a heavy-set man of about 38, harelipped, an old ragged shirt and breechcloth his only apparel, and with nothing of his former grandeur but the memory. ❋ William Allan Reed (N/A)

He knew that he wished to obtain the name of the harelipped man and, sincere enemy of his own people though Perley was, he no longer had any objection to telling. ❋ Unknown (1890)

There was the expedition of the harelipped Bird with his powerful force and with cannon! ❋ Unknown (1890)

"An 'I'd like to get a shot at that harelipped villain," interjected ❋ Unknown (1890)

It was he who first heard the slight swishing sound of the bushes on the far side of the Council House; it was he who first heard the light tread of an approaching moccasin, and it was he who first saw the ugly harelipped face of a white man appear at the forest edge. ❋ Unknown (1890)

The man who had passed as Fowler was quickly wounded in the shoulder, the harelipped leader himself had his cap shot from his head, and one of the Indians was slain. ❋ Unknown (1890)

Behind the harelipped man appeared Perley and Fowler, and six savage warriors, armed fully, and coated thickly with war paint. ❋ Unknown (1890)

He recognized at once the harelipped man, Bird, now in the uniform of a ❋ Unknown (1890)

Among the Bukits I observed two harelipped men, one hunchback, and an unusual number of persons with goitre. ❋ Carl Lumholtz (1886)

His face was all covered with pimples, and his mouth was harelipped from a sword cut. ❋ George Augustus Sala (1861)

With its quips about the weird, harelipped reverend's hatred of poor people, its critique of the deeply misanthropic eugenics movement, and its challenge to the idea that Africa is overpopulated, Pearce's book might even look to some like a refreshing defence of rational thinking against the hysteria of the human-hating, womb-fearing lobby. ❋ Terry Melanson (2010)

Skillfully drawn by Fagerholm, these two waifs make up a classic odd couple: Sandra, the harelipped only child of a jetsetting couple named the Islander and Lorelei Lindberg, and Doris, the mistreated marsh child rescued by the cousin's mama: ❋ Elinor Teele (2010)

Does she run a seal rescue or knit sweaters for Cambodian refugees or perform complimentary plastic surgery on the unfortunate and harelipped? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Clearly, in the kingdom of the harelipped and bong eyed, the plain girl is queen. ❋ Unknown (2009)

What really disturbs me is what my response would be if six harelipped Eskimos beat up a toad-worshipping Andalusian optometrist. ❋ Unknown (2008)

That [dang ol] [swamp] [house] got harelipped man. ❋ Definitivedefinition (2015)

"It's going to [harelip] [Uncle Cracker] when he finds out he's got African blood. [The joke's] on that racist POS!" ❋ Texas Nell (2017)

"[The Almighty] [harelip] Has returnedd!!! [RUN] AWAYYYYY!!!!" ❋ Michael Gatto (2008)

[jerri] blank [supplied] poppy downs with [glint] aka satan's harelip. ❋ Bookworm17 (2011)

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