Harvest Moon

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The word "harvest-moon" in example sentences

I am to be walking by myself on deck, rather late of an August evening, watching and being watched by a full harvest-moon: something is to rise white on the surface of the sea, over which that moon mounts silent, and hangs glorious: the object glitters and sinks. ❋ Unknown (2004)

And now she was looking up the lane, at the rise of the harvest-moon, in despair, as she said afterwards. ❋ Richard Doddridge (2004)

Many a harvest-moon since then has filled her yellow horn, and queenly Junes crowned with roses have paled before the sternness of Decembers. ❋ Various (N/A)

Reader! were you ever praised by a very handsome woman, whom you have loved all your life, when standing with her alone under a wide-spreading oak, in a noble park, with mountains bathed in the red and yellow of the sunset before you, and a broad harvest-moon rising above your heads? ❋ Anne Beale (N/A)

Again the silver harvest-moon shines down upon the silent city. ❋ Fanny Fern (N/A)

The harvest-moon, bringer of hot days and "bammy" nights to glaze the corn, may be the admiration of many, but is not so to the boy. ❋ Various (N/A)

And how about that other stupendous fiction of the harvest-moon? ❋ Various (N/A)

The fields are now ripening, this being the harvest-moon. ❋ William Griffith (N/A)

Peeps in fair fragments forth the full-orb'd harvest-moon! ❋ Unknown (1927)

I have heard that night is own sister to death; now, as the ultimate torn cloud passed seaward, and the new-washed harvest-moon broke forth in a red glory, and stars clustered about her like a swarm of golden bees, I thought this night was rather the parent of a new life. ❋ James Branch Cabell (1918)

Two hundred would have been a charitable guess at her weight; her face was as round and red as a harvest-moon and almost as featureless. ❋ Unknown (1908)

Peeps in fair fragments forth the full -- orb'd harvest-moon! ❋ Arthur Symons (1905)

Sometimes we walked there at night, when the blood-red harvest-moon sprang suddenly like a great ball of fire above the rim of horizon on the opposite side of the circling bay, sending a glittering track across the water to our very feet. ❋ Nellie Van De Grift Sanchez (1895)

When she had sent away her maid, she sat down by the window, and, with the full harvest-moon for company, faced them and asked them what they meant. ❋ Mary Cholmondeley (1892)

Even as I spoke the door was flung open, and honest Dick Wharton, with the water pouring from him, stepped in, his hearty red face looming through the haze like a harvest-moon. ❋ Percy Addleshaw (1891)

And even while the honeymoon -- or should we say the harvest-moon? ❋ Elbert Hubbard (1885)

Alone in the wide light of a harvest-moon that wrapped all shores in deep shadow and turned the mid-channel to silver, Hugh and Ramsey stood at the low front rail of the texas roof. ❋ George Washington Cable (1884)

'Twan't no great hardship, however, with the big yellow harvest-moon a-shinin' in the sky, an 'the air so cool an' pleasant. ❋ Unknown (1883)

When the harvest-moon began to shine full and bright, lighting up the whole world from evening till morn with its soft radiance, the gay festival so long looked forward to began. ❋ James Baldwin (1883)

And this is my errand and the message that I bring: King Gunther, blessed with happiness, intends to hold a grand high-tide of joy and thanksgiving at the time of the harvest-moon. ❋ James Baldwin (1883)

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