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What does the word hayfields mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word hayfields in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with hayfields and anagrams of hayfields.

Definitions of "hayfields"

  • Plural form of hayfield. noun

The word "hayfields" in example sentences

Almost all of the antelope were on the irrigated hayfields, which is no surprise considering how dry the rest of the country is.. [grouse Diary Entry]

With shrapnel now in his back also, from German Focke-Wulf 190 fighters that shot down his Flying Fortress, shooting parachuting crew members as they drifted down over French hayfields.. [He Drank]

The exception that readily comes to mind are the groundhogs that destroy hayfields and devour gardens.. [If your not going to eat it , why would you shoot a animal?]

There were dams and lakes, beautiful meadows, lush hayfields, red hills of grape-lands, hundreds of acres of good pasture, heavenly groves of pines and oaks, a stone winery, stone barns, grounds -- oh, I couldn't describe it in hours.. [CHAPTER XI]

"Do you . . . have any hayfields near your house?". [I Hear the Voices of Angels]

Ok, so you're a poet, an ex-printer, and you drive past hayfields.. [I Hear the Voices of Angels]

After that I had dead groundhogs piled in my driveway, my "private drive" sign shot to pieces, and huge donuts spun in my hayfields, yet local law enforcement can't do anything about all of that.. [Deer Hunting with Dogs]

"There's a huge amount of land, either fallow or in low-value crops like hayfields" Associated could acquire and replant in pears, the 65-year-old farmer says.. [Oregon Pear Growers Sour on Land Law]

In order to create such a diversified farm by spring, we would need to work quickly, build up our infrastructure, figure out how to raise six different types of livestock and integrate them with the vegetable and grain rotations, the pastures and hayfields.. [The Dirty Life]

I backed up, turned the car around, and drove past the small ranchers clustered in front of the hayfields with pickup trucks parked in the yards until I found a farm road that cut through the windbreak and into a field.. [CHASING the WHITE DOG]

The hay is in and the hayfields greening up with the new growth.. [The Red Queen]

My normal route is down this road, which runs past hayfields and then into an area with pristine woodland on either side, and back again.. [Runners]

Little sandy beaches all among the hayfields and the woods.. [Movie Night]

            “Pushtekhappy now!” he exclaimed, and they rolled down Route 1, through small towns, past hayfields and into miles of pine woods, and he kept at it until Sally was snickering helplessly along with the kids.. [The Plinktonians]

In years past, except in the dead of winter, you would have seen in those fields a checkerboard of different greens: pastures and hayfields for animals, cover crops, perhaps a block of fruit trees.. [Farmer in Chief]

Splinter Ridge's steeper hillsides make for tougher hiking across its 4,228 acres, and rolling hayfields and brushy cover provide shelter and some additional food for deer.. [100 Best Public-Land Hunts: Indiana]

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This Saturday we welcome Old Patesians RFC to The Hayfields. There's plenty happening both on and off the field w…


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