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Definitions of "head-money"

  • A capitationtax; a tax of so much per head. noun
  • A reward by the head or number for persons captured in war, especially at sea; also, a reward for the production of the head of an outlaw or enemy. noun

The word "head-money" in example sentences

"This is the first instance in Roman history of head-money being offered and paid, but it was not the last" (Long).. [General History for Colleges and High Schools]

Sir James, however, was soon after deprived of the governorship of Labuan, and the head-money was abolished.. [Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3 "Brescia" to "Bulgaria"]

So large was the number of natives, pirates and others, slain in these expeditions, that the "head-money" awarded by the British government to those who had taken part in them amounted to no less than. [Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3 "Brescia" to "Bulgaria"]

Hume and other members, especially as to the "head-money" received.. [Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3 "Brescia" to "Bulgaria"]

At the proper time I sent for the black prince _to assist me in shipping the slaves_, and to receive the head-money which was his export duty on my cargo.. [Captain Canot or, Twenty Years of an African Slaver]

The "head-money" once paid, no body, -- civil, military, foreign, or Spanish -- dared interfere with them.. [Captain Canot or, Twenty Years of an African Slaver]

Second mate and boatswain's head-money, at $2 each a head, 873 00. [Captain Canot or, Twenty Years of an African Slaver]

You're hiding, and you're wanted, "-- he dropped his voice to a whisper, --" the tongs would pay head-money for you.. [The Spinner's Book of Fiction]

It is necessary to remember, when thinking of the barbarisms which war brought in its train, not a hundred years ago, that what Newman calls, very justly, "the atrocious system" of paying our soldiers and sailors _head-money_ for the numbers killed by them, was only done away with about sixty years ago.. [Memoir and Letters of Francis W. Newman]

The cut-worm is here correctly defined as the enemy, while the excise claimed by the birds is head-money for his extirpation.. [Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 22, August, 1878]

We expected good service and help in recruiting from him, and promised him ample head-money.. [Two Years with the Natives in the Western Pacific]

And if half the head-money and the crew's pay were laid down in advance?. [Wide Courses]

There was head-money offered for all bears, foxes, seals, musk-oxen, and such like that were shot and gathered.. [The Literary World Seventh Reader]

Moreover, it rankles in the Houseman's breast that no Stockader pays a farthing of head-money to the treasure-chest of the Doomsmen.. [The Doomsman]

Our A.C. came, saw our dispositions, and said it was a sanguinary massacre for the Line, and that we were entitled to our full pound of flesh -- head-money for one whole regiment, with equipment, four company-guns, and all kit!. [Traffics and Discoveries]

You mustn't take head-money from a Line regiment in an Area unless it says that it'll play you; but, after a week or two, those clever Linesmen always think they see a chance of making a pot, and send in their compliments to the nearest I.G. Then the fun begins.. [Traffics and Discoveries]

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