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Definitions of "headship"

  • The position or office of a head or leader; primacy or command. noun
  • Chiefly British The position of a headmaster or headmistress. noun
  • The position of a head or chief noun
  • The position of a headmaster or headmistress noun
  • authority or dignity noun
  • Authority or dignity; chief place. noun
  • The state or position of being a head or chief; head or chief place; hence, authority; rule; government. noun
  • the position of headmaster or headmistress noun
  • the position of head noun

The word "headship" in example sentences

He did not question the right of His Father to function as His head, nor did He attempt to redefine the notion of headship and submission through a "careful exegesis.". [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

That man is created first is seen as the first establishment of male headship, which is then further upheld and its application revealed.. [Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]]

Many right-wing evangelicals in non-denominational churches often preach the "headship" of men and refuse to allow women pastors.. [Maureen Fiedler: Women As Religious Leaders: Breaking Through the Stained Glass Ceiling]

What is also interesting is that it has been pointed out by Welch that the Second Adam headship which is explained by Cyril is Eucharistic.. [Archive 2007-05-01]

Using slogans like "traditional values," U.S. fundamentalists stress the "headship" of the father in a punitive family where women and children are subordinate to the will of the father – the kind of family that prepares people to defer to "strong" leaders who brook no dissent and use force to impose their will.. [The Political Importance of 'Family Values': An Interview with Riane Eisler (First Round)]

But it is an inferior who vows obedience, it is the inferior who loses legal rights, it is the inferior who yields to another the "headship" of the home.. [The Nervous Housewife]

It was to dissipate this gloom that presently the man who sat at the head of the table, a bald and red-faced fellow who looked a German, and who seemed to exercise some kind of headship over the others, pushed back his chair a little from the board and glanced half anxiously and half angrily towards the inn door.. [The Duke's Motto A Melodrama]

The common morality with its family "headship" tends to dethrone the mother.. [Honor.]

Between the hard decorum of conscientious "headship," which freezes Mrs. ditto's married life, and the grumbling tyranny which threatens and, knocks down "my woman," how many grades of gross assumption and wretched submission intervene!. [The Woman's Advocate.]

An attempt will be made to interpret the Biblical meaning of "headship" and. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

This is the kind of headship exemplified by Christ, the model of the husband's headship.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

They are Catholics -- including nuns, supposedly the most obedient of the faithful -- active in the movement for women's ordination; evangelicals who reject the "headship" belief, traced to the New Testament, that husbands should rule over their wives; Orthodox Jews who find no obstacle in Jewish law to women's ordination or reading the Torah in synagogue; and Muslim women who refuse to pray behind the men in mosque and who denounce last year's attempt in Ontario to adopt sharia-based law to settle Muslim family disputes.. [Leora Tanenbaum: Christopher Hitchens to God: Drop Dead]

A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ.. [American Grace]

The Bible didn't exactly say so but it was there, if you read between the lines, in Paul's admonitions to women to be silent in public, in justifications for slavery, in the curse of Ham, in the commandment to honor parents (children who disobeyed were stoned), in David's taking of Bathsheba and in the many stories of male headship and female submission.. [Diane Winston: Did Mad Men Get Religion?]

The female headship within the Tequila Party hopes to parallel the Latin matriarch role within the Latin community.. [DeeDee Garcia Blase: Hispanic Matriarch Political Movement Reaction to Herman Cain's Atrocious Anti-Immigrant Remarks]

I got my first primary headship in Corby, and later in Catterick Garrison in north Yorkshire.. [Good to Meet You … Colin Golightly]

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@tes: Are you dreaming of your future as a headteacher? @heymrshallahan sits down with heads to discover the four things to look out for…


@tes: Are you dreaming of your future as a headteacher? @heymrshallahan sits down with heads to discover the four things to look out for…


For those priests out there...how similar to Christian Headship!😁


@tes: Are you dreaming of your future as a headteacher? @heymrshallahan sits down with heads to discover the four things to look out for…


Are you dreaming of your future as a headteacher? @heymrshallahan sits down with heads to discover the four things…

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  • Pronunciations(hĕdˈshĭpˌ)
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation head ship


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