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Head start or headstart Headstarting, a technique in nature conservation Head Start (program), an educational program of the United States Department of Health and Human Services Head start (positioning), a lead in the position in which one starts Head Start (TV series), an Australian television drama series that ran for forty episodes on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2001 Operation Head Start, a Cold War operation in which B-52 Stratofortress bombers were launched and placed on rotation off Greenland and Canada Headstart (web), an Israeli crowdfunding site for entrepreneurs.

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  • Alternative spelling of head start. noun

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Anyhow, in this interview, Detoc visualizes a future where the film is the tie-in product, and the game is the lead -- and to keep one from being a knock-off or cash-in opportunity, Ubisoft believes in integrating tech, assets and production from the get-go, and that's why it's getting a headstart now.. [Archive 2009-06-01]

Companies that rely on government spending have a bit of a headstart when it comes to boosting morale, since they've had to cope with employee jitters for the past six months as Congress debated budget matters that could impact them.. [Memo to Staff: Don't Panic]

Verizon Wireless is considered to have a headstart in offering products that run on its fourth-generation network, a point emphasized in its advertisements.. [Verizon Outages, New $2 Fee Irk Customers]

He added that Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and Pfizer Inc.'s rival product Eliquis "looks very good, but Xarelto will have a significant headstart, once-daily dosing versus twice daily and the additional venous-clot indications.". [Prostate-Drug Success Lifts Bayer]

Texas governor Rick Perry, who opted out of competing in New Hampshire and instead focused on South Carolina, claimed he had a headstart in that state.. [Mitt Romney cruises to victory in New Hampshire primary]

I hope that industry uses this headstart as a stepping stone, not as a crutch.. [Think Progress » ThinkFast: January 29, 2010]

If temperature and humidity levels remain low enough, the snowmakers will continue to try and give the resort a headstart on the ski season.. [Loveland Ski Area Begins Making Their Snow For The Ski Season]

Should the small-nostril people begin oppressing the large-nostril citizens now, just to get a headstart?. [Daniel Cubias: Is Tribalism on the Increase?]

She is just getting a headstart on becoming the footnote she was destined to become.. [Palin says she is not a quitter]

Dr. Frank's doeswell with its sparkling wine business, but does so with a significant headstart andthe backing of an establishedandprofitable stillwineoperation.. [Jason Feulner]

Unfortunately, Flashforward doesn't have LOST's ratings headstart, so I'm picking it to be canceled first.. [SF TV Cagematch: Flashforward vs. Stargate Universe]

My youngest is taking summer gym to get a headstart on his freshman year of high school.. [Overheard In My Car]

Ken Macintosh, Labour's education spokesman at Holyrood, said: "This is a serious mistake and will cause concern for the tens of thousands of people who have not had this headstart in getting their results," he said.. [Text error sends Scottish exam results a day early]

Mary's father was a dairyman with a shop in Euston, so they had a little bit of a headstart; they had connections.. [Great dynasties of the world: The Sainsburys]

In some cases, “headstart” courses for certain regions in the world are also available.. [Foreign Service Institute’s Extensive Language Courses Are Available Free Online | Lifehacker Australia]

A full weekend (at least) headstart at a hungry readership …. [[Bumped] Crowdsource this for me: Indigo flaunts the rules to screw small bookstores… more…]

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Market Headstart: Nifty likely to open higher; 2 stocks which could give 16-17% return


Oh, I need a jumpstart When you call me, I'm running to ya Gimme a headstart Thank God, gonna have me like halleluj…


@chrislhayes @a_cormier_ @JasonLeopold This info is great, but how does @BuzzFeedNews come up with this information…

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Headstart: Budget battles -- DBM unit bid out P168-B in 'Dengvaxia-like' scheme, Andaya claims
Headstart: Budget battles -- DBM unit bid out P168-B in 'Dengvaxia-like' scheme, Andaya claims
Headstart: Moran - Catriona Gray is gifted
Headstart: Moran - Catriona Gray is gifted
Headstart: Ex-Miss Universe queens - Mixed marriages factor in pageant success
Headstart: Ex-Miss Universe queens - Mixed marriages factor in pageant success

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  • PronunciationsHH EH1 D S T AA2 R T
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