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What does the word heavers mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word heavers in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with heavers and anagrams of heavers.

Definitions of "heavers"

  • Plural form of heaver. noun

The word "heavers" in example sentences

The hardware heavers always fear a man in a boat with a flyrod.. [Try Pike On The Fly]

But even before she got to the word "heave," all nine heavers had dropped the rope and slogged wearily back onto the shore.. [Stalling]

An effective physical heave requires heavers to overcome the daunting mechanics of actually getting rid of stuff, to maintain their momentum, and respect the emotions that are an inherent part of the process without allowing those emotions to send them tumbling backward.. [SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life]

I see myself emerging one evening from some of these arches, on a little public – house close to the river, with an open space before it, where some coal – heavers were dancing; to look at whom I sat down upon a bench.. [David Copperfield]

They ran briskly down the Pool; the gentlemen pointed out the Docks, the Thames Police – office, and other elegant public edifices; and the young ladies exhibited a proper display of horror at the appearance of the coal – whippers and ballast – heavers.. [Sketches by Boz]

The old heavers still assembled round the ancient fireplace, but their talk was mournful: and the loud song and the joyous shout were heard no more.. [Sketches by Boz]

During the “industrial” phase of the US economy, many people were left totally uneducated, but those who graduated from high school were well-educated coal heavers versus accountants and engineers, we might say.. [How to get science across to the public - The Panda's Thumb]

On the street sometimes she would see men working — Irishmen with picks, coal-heavers with great loads to shovel, Americans busy about some work which was a mere matter of strength — and they touched her fancy.. [Sister Carrie]

Some were in rags, with black faces, like coal-heavers, like sweeps, and had bullet heads that seemed closely cropped, but were in fact singed to the skin.. [Youth, by Joseph Conrad]

I am ashamed of the book -- one of the common scientific novels that are thumbed by coal-heavers and orange-women -- the mere trash of a low circulating library.. [A Dialogue for the Year 2130]

She must be almost discharged; she lay with IX foot visible on her side, in spite of all the ballast she had already taken in, and there was a hollow boom through the whole ship whenever the coal-heavers stamped on the deck with their heavy boots.. [Hunger]

The heavers forward now resume their song, and while the one tackle is peeling and hoisting a second strip from the whale, the other is slowly slackened away, and down goes the first strip through the main hatchway right beneath, into an unfurnished parlor called the blubber-room.. [Moby Dick; or the Whale]

And thus the work proceeds; the two tackles hoisting and lowering simultaneously; both whale and windlass heaving, the heavers singing, the blubber-room gentlemen coiling, the mates scarfing, the ship straining, and all hands swearing occasionally, by way of assuaging the general friction.. [Moby Dick; or the Whale]

Preaching two hours at least, to coal heavers working on barges. [The Teetotal Society]

"So the coal heavers 'riot will make money for you." "it might stop my family losing money.". [A Place Called Freedom]

He had made the coal heavers drunk and they would kill him unless he paid them.. [A Place Called Freedom]

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