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Definitions of "help"

  • To give assistance to; aid: I helped her find the book. He helped me into my coat. verb-transitive
  • To contribute to the furtherance of; promote. verb-transitive
  • To give relief to: help the needy. verb-transitive
  • To ease; relieve: medication to help your cold. verb-transitive
  • To change for the better; improve: A fresh coat of paint will help a scarred old table. verb-transitive
  • To refrain from; avoid or resist. Used with can or cannot: couldn't help laughing. verb-transitive
  • To wait on, as in a store or restaurant. verb-transitive
  • To be of service; give assistance. verb-intransitive
  • The act or an instance of helping. noun
  • Aid or assistance. noun
  • Relief; remedy. noun
  • One that helps: You've been a great help. A food processor is a help to the serious cook. noun
  • A person employed to help, especially a farm worker or domestic servant. noun
  • Such employees considered as a group. Often used with the. noun
  • help (oneself) to To serve or provide oneself with: Help yourself to the cookies. idiom
  • help (oneself) to Informal To take (something) without asking permission: The thief helped himself to our family silver. idiom
  • Action given to provide assistance; aid. noun
  • A person or persons who provide assistance with some task. noun
  • One or more people employed to help in the maintenance of a house or the operation of a farm or enterprise. noun

The word "help" in example sentences

It sounds to me like you also need help - not just meds, but someone to *help*.. [Deep Into The Darkness]

“Then help me, princess, ” cried Theseus; “help me to come to the Minotaur and look upon it, and help me, too, to get back the sword that I brought with me to Crete.. [Part III. The Heroes of the Quest. Chapter III. Theseus and the Minotaur. IV]

Don’t urge me; help me, —help me, because I love you.. [XI. In the Lane. Book VI—The Great Temptation]

I have taken a new name in part, and with my bride's help, I hope to _help_ you more than I formerly _hindered_ you, to keep the rules of the Try. [Jessie Carlton The Story of a Girl who Fought with Little Impulse, the Wizard, and Conquered Him]

` Massa, shall I help you? 'and you say, ` Yes, you must _help_ me.'. [Olla Podrida]

To help him who _will not _help himself; or, indiscriminately to relieve those that want, is totally to mistake the end; for want is often met with: but to supply those who _cannot_ supply themselves, becomes real charity.. [An History of Birmingham (1783)]

II. vii.125 (271,1) [And take upon command what help we have] It seems necessary to read, _then take upon_ demand _what help_, &c. that is,. [Notes to Shakespeare — Volume 01: Comedies]

These auctions will benefit a child cancer patient and help with their bills - Happy Bidding and thank you for your help~. []

In order therefore that he may fulfil the precept, and not covet, he is constrained to despair of himself and to seek elsewhere and through another the help which he cannot find in himself; as it is said, “O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in Me is thine help” (Hosea xiii.. [Concerning Christian Liberty]

Only one teacher ever had the sense to call in help from the emotional support staff for a meltdown rather than report him as a disciplinary problem, and of the administrators, one has been fabulous, one okay, and one well-meaning but doesn't think outside the box.. [Aspergers]

But, but, Governor, you don't need no stinkin help from the Government ..... [Louisiana governor critical of oil spill response efforts]

Oh, and please remember that Leaders Without a Title help people achieve more as a team than they could have achieved alone.. [The Leader Who Had No Title]

If you have an emergency while driving, call the Ministry of Tourism's hotline or (91) (5) 250-8221/8555 ext. 130/297 to obtain help from the "Green Angels," a fleet of radio dispatched trucks with bilingual crews that operate daily.. [Mexico - travelers tips]

I'm glad you liked the images and thanks much for the title help jaakko!. [The Blood of Many Roses by Akiko Jyo]

The word help here is more than a euphemism: many children do want to stay in the room and make their parents happy, but they just cannot overcome the temptation to leave.. [Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems]

If you borrow money, or use the word help and have to rely on friends or family to make ends meet.. [Why Men Marry Bitches]

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