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Definitions of "hemisphere"

  • A half of a sphere bounded by a great circle. noun
  • A half of a symmetrical, approximately spherical object as divided by a plane of symmetry. noun
  • Either half of the celestial sphere as divided by the ecliptic, the celestial equator, or the horizon. noun
  • Either the northern or southern half of the earth as divided by the equator or the eastern or western half as divided by a meridian. noun
  • Anatomy Either of the lateral halves of the cerebrum; a cerebral hemisphere. noun
  • A half sphere; one half of a sphere or globe, when divided by a plane passing through its center. noun
  • Half of the terrestrial globe, or a projection of the same in a map or picture. noun
  • The people who inhabit a hemisphere. noun
  • A half-sphere; one half of a sphere or globe formed by a plane passing through the center. Specifically noun
  • Half of the terrestrial globe; also, half of the celestial globe, or of the surface of the heavens. noun
  • A map or projection of half of the terrestrial or the celestial sphere. noun
  • In anatomy, either of the two large convex and convoluted masses, one on each side, which together with the fornix, corpus callosum, thalamencephalon, mesencephalon, and olfactory lobes make up the cerebrum. See brain, cerebrum, and cerebral. noun
  • either half of the cerebrum noun
  • half of the terrestrial globe noun
  • half of a sphere noun

The word "hemisphere" in example sentences

Frequently somebody coming to this hemisphere is accused of being a propagandist.. [Hungary at the Crossroads]

You know, the only reason that Beck and Limballs could see some kind of division based on the President responding to a natural disaster in our hemisphere is because they see the victims of that disaster as black people.. [Think Progress » Beck: Obama is ‘dividing the nation’ by reacting ‘so rapidly to Haiti.’]

At a larger scale, the left hemisphere is somewhat specialized for positive experiences while the right hemisphere is more focused on negative ones (this makes sense since the right hemisphere is specialized for gestalt, visual-spatial processing, so it's advantaged for tracking threats coming from the surrounding environment).. [Rick Hanson, Ph.D.: Confronting the Negativity Bias]

I have been slowly and kind of successfully getting up earlier – which I have to admit in the southern hemisphere is much easier given its warm and get lighter much earlier.. [What Will You Give Up To Write Your Book? by Joanna Penn | The Creative Penn]

Radiation reflected in the southern hemisphere is just as reflected as anywhere else in the globe.. [Matthew Yglesias » Wednesday Arctic Ice Blogging]

I published a book on brain hemisphere specialization that’s still in print, called A Yin for Change.. [Sonny Brewer - An interview with author]

If the latest governmental data states that sea ice in the southern hemisphere is at an all time high, and human-induced CO2 emissions are. [Blitzer: What would you like me to ask Barack Obama?]

The largest recipient of U.S. military and other aid in the Western hemisphere is Colombia.. [Matthew Yglesias » World Refugee Day]

Each hemisphere is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.. [Backing Into an Evidentiary Standard for ID]

The left hemisphere is not aware of what the right hemisphere is thinking, and vice-versa.. [Backing Into an Evidentiary Standard for ID]

The left hemisphere literally does not know what the right hemisphere is thinking, and vice-versa.. [Backing Into an Evidentiary Standard for ID]

In this procedure, an entire side of the hemisphere is removed as a treatment for cancer or chronic seizures.. [Boing Boing]

Every year, the most important cultural event in the Latin American hemisphere is the Cuban International Book Fair, which brings together the most famous writers of the world.. [Think Progress » Washington Post Reporters Upset About Links To Blogs]

Mexico, while part of this hemisphere, is far enough south to have the benefit of the southern migration of wildfowl.. [Mexican Wild Game - Duck And Quail]

"The sad fact that the horrible practice of degrading people, subjecting them to physical and psychological torture continues to be practised at local and international levels in all the regions of the world, whether in the northern or southern hemisphere, is largely due to the fact that national governments have failed to ratify international norms and standards in order to make them applicable to local and national situations.". [The Rev. Chuck Currie:]

Now the word hemisphere means half, and the earth is round like a sphere, so when the earth is divided in two parts, we call one a hemisphere.. [The geographical reader : for the Dixie children,]

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  • Character10
  • Hyphenation hem i sphere




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