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Hen commonly refers to a female animal: a chicken, other gallinaceous bird, any type of bird in general, or a lobster. It is also a slang term for a woman. Hen or Hens may also refer to: .

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Definitions of "hens"

  • Plural form of hen. noun

The word "hens" in example sentences

One of those can be a bad introduction to birds, many years ago we were training our little springer Annie and had obtained a few pheasant hens from a local game farm.. [The Deadly Sins of Dog Training?]

Ummmm Maybe not - Yes, Colloquial would indeed be suitable, but then, so would cloacal (refering to the single waste aparture of chickens - combined anus and urine disposal, as well as for egg laying in hens). [Shoplifters Of The World Unite « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

The three French hens from the familiar Christmas song are sent by a Parisian lady to her boyfriend, Philippe Renard, in New. [French Word-A-Day:]

I wish everyone could witness this, even if they have no intent on turkey hunting -- the interaction between a Tom and hens is so different than watching the interaction of deer, coyote or other large animals.. [Everyday Enlightenments]

The look of awe on their faces the first time they pull a carrot out of the ground, or open the nest box to find the eggs laid by the hens is priceless.. [Waldo Jaquith - Orchid Island’s slave-free juice.]

It is explained by the minute dimensions of the cholera microbe in hens, owing to which it easily eludes the eye of the beholder.. [Ilya Mechnikov - Nobel Lecture]

Fang's nose down to the slain hens, and at the same time cuffed him soundly.. [The God's Domain]

There's a good deal of sense in hens, if one manages them properly.. [Beautiful Joe: An Autobiography]

Fang’s nose down to the slain hens, and at the same time cuffed him soundly.. [The God's Domain]

The other is to call the hens to me and he will follow.. [i'm getting ready for turkey season to come around and i just want to get something straight.]

You can put out corn to draw the hens and where the hens are the gobblers will be.. [we just found out that primos has turkey hunting land were we hunt at in Tennessee i hope we can keep the turkeys off their land]

If you do get onto one that won't play, he's probably henned up, try to either get ahead of them and cut them off as they travel, or else try calling the hens to you in hopes that he will follow.. [Tell me what I'm doin wrong! Hunting turkeys this year and haven't heard a gobble yet. Seen sign everywhere I go.]

Sadly for the hens, that isn't the basis of this agreement.. [Andrew Gunther: Rotten Eggs: HSUS and United Egg Producers Enter Agreement That Bird Cages Are Here to Stay]

The Wife thinks the hens might be the work of the artists, a sort of silent protest of the poultry slaughterhouse that lies just down the street from the lot.. [Archive 2007-08-01]

Personally I find a whole hen is too large for a single serving, but half a hen which may actually be a cock, they're just all called hens still makes an elegant presentation as well as a great meal -- much superior to most commercial chicken.. [Orange-Marinated Game Hens]

Also had 59 hens, which is a surprisingly large number of hens so late in the strut.. [grouse Diary Entry]

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@RepMarkMeadows You, Jordan, and Scalise are the gossiping hens pecking around the twitter barnyard waiting to get…


@lindapaintgirl ....”DON’T SETTLE til the suns run; and the hens is safe n’ all Gods creatures say the day is done…


@downergroup: Our Spotless Division has proudly joined the RSPCA’s ‘Cage Free and Proud’ campaign. Spotless, who serves six million eggs…

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backyard chickens - Hen and chicks
backyard chickens - Hen and chicks
Mr Rooster is in trouble with the hens
Mr Rooster is in trouble with the hens
Hen Protecting Chicks - Mother Hen and Chicks - Funny Hen Video - Cute Chickens
Hen Protecting Chicks - Mother Hen and Chicks - Funny Hen Video - Cute Chickens

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