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Definitions of "hidden"

  • A past participle of hide1. verb
  • Past participle of hide verb
  • Not visible or apparent. adjective
  • Obscure. adjective
  • this sense?) That has been hidden. adjective
  • from hide. Concealed; put out of view; secret; not known; mysterious. past-participle
  • Concealed; placed in secrecy.
  • Secret; unseen; mysterious.
  • Synonyms Covert, occult, recondite, profound, abstruse, obscure, latent, private, dormant, clandestine, close, unknown.
  • not accessible to view adjective
  • designed to elude detection adjective
  • difficult to find adjective

The word "hidden" in example sentences

# A hidden field: my $hidden = HTML:: Field-new ( 'Hidden', name = 'sid', value = 'cgiasf25k', default = undef);. [Softpedia - Windows - All]

* shows Felipe where the hidden stash of tequila is hidden*. [WordPress.com News]

Berezovsky explicitly states in his court action that he wanted his name hidden from ownership of his assets after 2006 because he believed he was being pursued by the Russian authorities, having become a public opponent of Putin.. [Carlos Tevez: The billionaires' fight over his ownership revealed | David Conn]

Julia stared at her teacup, her expression hidden behind the peas.. [Her Fearful Symmetry]

A noönaut like Bandar enters the Commons through meditation, and his psyche traverses it using various chants (called "thrans") to move among different landscapes and remain hidden from the more nasty archetypes.. [REVIEW: The Commons by Matthew Hughes]

She glanced sideways at him, her expression hidden behind her aviator shades, her mouth a flat line.. [Rain Gods]

In this way, the law firms thought, coveted information about their associates such as their areas of practice, their e-mail addresses, and their hair colors would remain hidden from the conniving legal recruiters who wanted to steal the associates away from them.. [For the Defense]

He boasted the acronym hidden in the picture of a gun on his forearm which read, M.P.R., the familiar street formula for longevity and success, Money, Power and Respect.. [The Brotherhood of Man]

She hesitated at the foot of the stairs, her expression hidden from him in the shadows.. [Tempted by Your Touch]

Her head was bent, her expression hidden from him.. [This Calder Sky]

When he broke Roddick a second time for a 3-0 lead, there must have been consternation in Roddick's box, where his coach, Larry Stefanki, looked down onto the court, his expression hidden behind sunglasses.. [NYT > Home Page]

Sadly, the phrase "hidden hands" remains a part of Egypt's political rhetoric more than 50 years later - an invitation for every Egyptian to write in the name of his or her favorite bugaboo.. [NYT > Home Page]

Burns said there were growing problems around what he called hidden course fees, where students had to pay extra for printing, lab coats, textiles and field trips, even as fees were rising.. [NUS plans mass student walkout]

It had complained that a family of four booking return flights with Ryanair would be charged £48 to pay with either a debit or credit card, which it described as a hidden extra charge that consumers could not avoid paying, and which bore no relation to the true cost.. [OFT calls for ban on 'rip-off' debit card surcharges]

He's lucky enough to go to a medical school that seems to pride in producing primary care physicians but all too often there is still this kind of what we call hidden curriculum in medical schools .... [More Patients Find Doctor Is Not In]

The figure factors in what they call hidden costs, including care for wounded veterans and the economic impact of rising oil prices.. [CNN Transcript Nov 13, 2007]

Hidden Translates

TurkishHidden English to Turkish Translate
(f)., (bak). hide: (s). gizli, kapalı.(f)., (bak). hide: (s). gizli, kapalı.

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Hidden Word Data

  • Pronunciations(hĭdˈn)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation hid den


Covert Secret


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