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Definitions of "high-spiritedness"

  • exuberant liveliness noun

The word "high-spiritedness" in example sentences

Mr. Zakaria, born and raised in India, got his first sense of America's vitality, outsized ways, glamour and crazy high-spiritedness as a young boy in the late 1970s watching bootlegged videotapes of "Dallas.". [Tea Party to the Rescue]

The tea party's rise reflects anything but fatalism, and maybe even a new high-spiritedness.. [Tea Party to the Rescue]

Leland Tollett, a former Tyson Foods CEO who worked side-by-side with Don Tyson for decades, remembered his friend for the high-spiritedness he brought to the business.. [Don Tyson, Poultry Tycoon, Dies At 80]

The dialogue identifies justice with a balance among reason, the high-spiritedness that Plato calls thumos or to thumoeides, and the desires collectively known as epithumiai.. [Plato's Aesthetics]

So, a little fight there from Teddy Kennedy today, and we saw some of that high-spiritedness coming from Senator Kennedy out off of the coast of Cape Cod.. [CNN Transcript May 25, 2008]

We kind of smile at her high-spiritedness, the man makes a joking comment and disappears, then we go on to watch the movie without thinking badly of her and certainly not viewing her as an abuser ever thought what would happen to that guys face if the vase had hit him?. [Violence Against Women Act passes!]

Those of us who worked with him, and remembered that experience as singular in our careers for its high-spiritedness and sheer fun, its sense of being with Mike on a madcap but meaningful ride, know better.. [Michael Kelly]

They not only admired her extravagantly, her high-spiritedness, her figure, her tiny hands and feet, her white skin, but they said so frequently, petting, hugging and kissing her to emphasize their loving words.. [Gone with the Wind]

For thus we see pride wearing the mask of high-spiritedness, although only thou, O God, art high above all.. [Confessions and Enchiridion, newly translated and edited by Albert C. Outler]

The high-spiritedness of the Indian maid soon captivated Mrs. Fogel.. [The Second William Penn A true account of incidents that happened along the old Santa Fe Trail]

While much of what Vedem's writers published reflected a yearning for their lost world and an understanding that they would live on only in memory, their work also captured high-spiritedness, mockery and normal interests in normal things - like girls.. [The Seattle Times]

Together, they sally forth in "work with what you've got" high-spiritedness to tell the epic Hitchcock tale as a seamless intermingling of props, lights, sound and visuals.. [Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local]

Lausanne's anti-poverty message has certainly benefited from this high-spiritedness.. [The Guardian World News]

Dole's more sober demeanor contrasted sharply by Kemp's high-spiritedness, which was recalled in various accounts, including one by Marlin Fitzwater, Bush's press secretary.. [The Journal]

This bonus baby was the last grandchild in my family, a last attempt to breed some frivolity and high-spiritedness into our somber Anglo line, and we seem to have succeeded.. [chicagotribune.com -]

Humility, though it should expose us to contempt in the world, yet while it recommends us to the favour of God, qualifies us for his gracious visits, prepares us for his glory, secures us from many temptations, and preserves the quiet and repose of our own souls, is much better than that high-spiritedness which, though it carry away the honour and wealth of the world, makes God a man's enemy and the devil his master.. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume III (Job to Song of Solomon)]

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