Highland Fling

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What do we mean by highland fling?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word highland-fling. Define highland-fling, highland-fling synonyms, highland-fling pronunciation, highland-fling translation, English dictionary definition of highland-fling.

The repetitive and frantic flinging of a penis as a man is climaxing. The orgasm is intensified, but cum gets everywhere. The use of a condom or other such mechanism to reduce your cum footprint is discouraged by official practitioners of the act. It is generally performed solo by a masturbating male, but it is very possible for a partner to lend a helping hand. Urban Dictionary

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The word "highland-fling" in example sentences

I just had a highland fling, and now I can't [seem] to [turn] [sticky keys] off. ❋ Cat's Pajamas (2016)

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What does highland fling mean?

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