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Hyphenation his to ry
Pronunciations /ˈhɪst(ə)ɹi/

Definitions and meanings of "History"

What do we mean by history?

A chronological record of events, as of the life or development of a people or institution, often including an explanation of or commentary on those events. noun

A formal written account of related natural phenomena. noun

A record of a patient's general medical background. noun

An established condition or pattern of behavior. noun

The branch of knowledge that records and analyzes past events. noun

The past events relating to a particular thing. noun

The aggregate of past events or human affairs. noun

An interesting past. noun

Something that belongs to the past. noun

One that is no longer worth consideration. noun

A drama based on historical events. noun

To record; relate.

A narrative, oral or written, of past events; a story: as, a history of England; a history of the civil war; a history of an individual. noun

The recorded events of the past; also, that branch of science which is occupied with ascertaining and recording the facts of the past. noun

Recorded or accomplished fact; also, the aggregate of the events, recorded or unrecorded, which mark a given period of past time, as in the development of an individual or of a race, etc.: as, a checkered history. noun

An eventful career; a past worthy of record: as, a man with a history. noun

In liturgics, in medieval English uses, as in the Use of Sarum, the series of responsories to a set of lections from the historical or other books of Scripture. noun

A historical play or drama. noun

The aggregate of past events.

The branch of knowledge that studies the past; the assessment of notable events.

A set of events involving an entity.

A record or narrative description of past events.

A list of past and continuing medical conditions of an individual or family.

A record of previous user events, especially of visited web pages in a browser.

Something that no longer exists or is no longer relevant.

Shared experience or interaction.

The events of the past, filtered through the minds of the present. Urban Dictionary

1. A pretty decent class where you can learn about anything ranging from the Egyptians to the Rennaissance to World War II, and much more. 2. A channel on TV that basically shows about 10% real history and the rest utter bullshit. 3. Something that overprotective parents check to see if you are looking at porn or something innocent like neopets or Wikipedia. Urban Dictionary

What repeats itself over and over and over again. Urban Dictionary

A list of the Internet addresses one has visited in the past, which has a strange tendency to disappear when one views inappropriate sites. Urban Dictionary

The study of the past. 'History' is often used to mean 'historical knowledge' when in reality 'history' is the process of researching the past using the available evidence, cross referencing and establishing 'historical knowledge'. Historians argue about whose interpretation is most valid. These debates often last decades and are only resolved when either one side's research is shown to be of poor quality, or when new evidence comes to light proving one interpretation more valid. Postmodernists argue that history is rubbish because they reckon that it impossible to understand al the motivations of the creator of the surce material which 'history' uses to forge historical knowledge. They're wrong. Urban Dictionary

Events that occured in the past. Urban Dictionary

1 everything that happened in the past, more specially since humans learned to write. 2 everything that got written down and was accepted as "the history" by some elite or another. 3 the field of study of 1 and 2. Discusses all kinds of explanations of what happened. 4 a school subject devoted almost exclusively to 2. Urban Dictionary

The past Urban Dictionary

Something you dont want your parents to see on your computer because its filled with useful stuff like porn and shit to masturbate about. Urban Dictionary

A tale made up to explain to the wife why you came home drunk Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for History

The word "history" in example sentences

Collingwood arrives at the claim that history is the study of mind by reflecting on what we mean when we use the word ˜history™. ❋ D'Oro, Giuseppina (2006)

The form differs from the content, _history_ differs from the _reality_ of which it is the history, and morality is more than the story of its vicissitudes, of its gradual, painful development from the pre-historic times to our own. ❋ W. R. Washington Sullivan (N/A)

That _history_ and _argument_ are so rejected by all parties affecting to be _reformed_ churches, will appear from the following citations from their own authoritative judicial declarations: "Authentic history and sound argument are always to be highly valued; but they should not be incorporated with the confession of the Church's faith." ❋ The Reformed Presbytery (N/A)

Bismarck had pondered over the lessons of history, because, as he said, _history teaches one how far one may safely go_. ❋ John Holland Rose (1898)

Everything is seen to be an antiquity, with a history behind it -- a _natural history_, which enables us to understand in some measure how it has come to be as it is. ❋ J. Arthur Thomson (1897)

Egypt itself may not have been the oldest _nation_, but Egyptian history is certainly the oldest _history_. ❋ Levi Seeley (1887)

GoD: If you are not satisfied with the history, try the history++ plugin. ❋ Unknown (2010)

_ideal history_, for a _sociology_, for a _historical psychology_, or however may be otherwise entitled or described a science whose object is to extract from history, universal laws and concepts. ❋ Benedetto Croce (1909)

_history_ and _poetry_ are two things; and though the poet has no right to _contradict_ the historian, yet, if he find two opinions upon points of history, he may certainly take that which is most susceptible of poetical ornament; particularly if it have sufficient plausibility, and the sanction of respectable names. ❋ William Lisle Bowles (1806)

Or, lastly, the truthful elements of actual history may greatly predominate over the fictitious and invented materials of the myth, and the narrative may be, in the main, made up of facts, with a slight coloring of imagination, when it forms a _mythical history_. [ ❋ Albert G. Mackey (N/A)

KERNEN: One of the largest infrastructure projects in history is your pipeline, natural gas pipeline, that would seem like a natural for the stimulus. ❋ Unknown (2010)

What we've learned anew from this seminal moment in history is that the voices of freedom know no boundaries. ❋ The Huffington Post News Team (2009)

Actually the biggest mass delusion in history is actually a belief that the US needs Israel in the Middle East. ❋ Unknown (2009)

January 17th, 2009 at 6: 58 pm the biggest mass delusion in history is actually a belief that the US needs Israel in the Middle East ❋ Unknown (2009)

I can say this though, Traficant on his worst day in history is 100 times better then ANY republican on their best day ever. ❋ Unknown (2009)

All across Europe, the mighty are falling: Liverpool, the most successful English club in history, is one place off the foot of the Premier League table; Deportivo, one of Spain's most decorated teams, is 19th in the 20-team top flight; while Bayern Munich, which has won nearly half of all Bundesliga titles in Germany, is already 10 points off top spot. ❋ Jonathan Clegg (2010)

The cartels would have gotten away with it before the Net gave people around the world a united voice which, for the first time in history, is powerful enough to force politicians and captains of industry to pay serious attention. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[That one] [drunken] [night] is history. ❋ Jose Arbena (2005)

1. I have history class [4th block]... can't wait. 2. How does Ice Road [Truckers] have to do with History?? 3. Dude, look at my history, it is full of xxx porn. Gotta [delete it] before my mom finds out. ❋ Lil Duff 2008 (2008)

❋ Cynic (2003)

I [deleted] my history so my [roommate] wouldn't know I was looking at porn [all night]. ❋ TheLightOfDay (2010)

History: Hey, guys, i went though [the archives] and cross reference the kings accounts with his requests for money from Parliament. Hitorical Knowledge: Hitler intended for WW2 to start, but not in [1939]. His [foriegn] policy was ideologically driven. ❋ Flankergeek (2006)

[World War] [One is] history. ❋ Anonymous (2003)

1 [Johnny Cash] is history. 2 The history of the [colonization] of America has little to do with what [actually happened]. 3 An interesting question in history is whether guns, diseases or beliefs were more important factors in eliminating the Native Americans. 4 History is quite boring, especially if it's about your own country. ❋ Phaedrus42 (2004)

"[school] is history" ❋ Etchasketch (2003)

[admit it].. history is shiiiiiitt ❋ Goodwordmaster (2011)

[You won't] believe what [happend] to me on the way home [dear]........ ❋ Paul (2003)

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