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Definitions and meanings of "Hocks"

What do we mean by hocks?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word hocks. Define hocks, hocks synonyms, hocks pronunciation, hocks translation, English dictionary definition of hocks.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Hocks

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The word "hocks" in example sentences

"Cowhocks" -- that is, the hocks turned in and the feet turned out -- are intolerable.

He sat upon the bar of this, swinging to and fro, working himself into position until he was resting on the "hocks," as performers call that portion of the leg just above the knee. ❋ Vance Barnum (N/A)

In Anchorage, Mr. Prime Beef on the Old Seward Highway sells beautifully meaty smoked ham hocks; make sure to have the butcher cut them into thirds for ease of cooking and better tasting soup. ❋ Laurie Constantino (2009)

Turned out both back legs were broken at the hocks. ❋ Unknown (2010)

So the lender cuts the borrower some slack, the company hocks its receivables, or the "lender of last resort," the central bank, makes emergency loans because it is certain it'll be paid back. ❋ David Wessel (2011)

I was the kind of kid who ate anything and everything—candied yams, Cornish hens, greens with ham hocks, salmon croquettes, deep-fried catfish, deep-fried chicken, turkey chili, black-eyed peas, pinto beans. ❋ Janet Jackson (2011)

A hulk of a man over six feet tall and 250 pounds with ham hocks for arms and gigantic hands, Eifler had been a U.S. Customs agent rounding up bootleggers in San Diego when he decided to return to active duty in the Army. ❋ Douglas Waller (2011)

Using a slotted spoon or tongs, remove the bay leaves and the ham hocks, including all the bones and chunks of fat. ❋ Laurie Constantino (2009)

Some of her best writing is inspired by a nostalgia for her childhood: My mother made wonderful soups from bones and hocks, unctuous oxtail stew, and homemade meat pies filled with a palatable mixture of odd bits. ❋ Aram Bakshian Jr. (2011)

It takes little effort and has a rich smoky flavor that comes from chipotles instead of the usual ham hocks or bacon. ❋ Homesick Texan (2009)

The other day, I also say nice-looking whole ham hocks at Natural Pantry; sadly, this store doesn't have an in-store butcher to cut them up. ❋ Laurie Constantino (2009)

If someone harvest a buck go out and cut the tarsal gands from the hind hocks, I would suggest using disposalable gloves and a zip lock baggy to hold your bounty. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Get an appetizer of pork ribs draped with a chunky tomato sauce just so you can try its base of long-braised greens punched up with ham hocks. ❋ Tom Sietsema (2011)

He pawed the ground like a mad bull, then ran to woods-edge near the 14-pointer, where he rubbed his head raw against a tree, peed on his hocks, and snort-wheezed with all his might! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Although Safeway has no stores in the deep South, the supermarket chain says its cluster of stores between Culpeper, Va., and Frederick, Md., posts the company's biggest sales of such regional offerings as fried chicken, ham hocks and other "country meats," collard greens and sweet potatoes, spokesman Greg TenEyck said. ❋ Steve Hendrix (2011)

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What does hocks mean?

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