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What do we mean by hoffmann?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word hoffmann. Define hoffmann, hoffmann synonyms, hoffmann pronunciation, hoffmann translation, English dictionary definition of hoffmann.

The correct spelling of Hoffman. It's always better with 2 N's. Urban Dictionary

A gay nugget with a small dick Urban Dictionary

A/an big rig hoffmann is a sexy alpha farmer that has a huge penis and is in love with Luke Wiethoff, the big rig hoffman is also an amazing farmer but complains about his bad harvest every year Urban Dictionary

A person who really really likes memes, mudkips or cats. It doesn't matter so you choose. Urban Dictionary

A chunky Mexican that is best friends with Stevan Hawking and Pablo Eskebar. Pedro Hoffmann goes on wild adventures in Jurrasic park and drug dealing runs with Stevan and Ben. Urban Dictionary

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The word "hoffmann" in example sentences

I love this kids first step and his additude reminds me more of hoffmann ! ❋ Unknown (2010)

Comments by amy l hoffmann: Monday, November 17, 2008 at 01: 30 PM ❋ Unknown (2009)

Whence, in the irreversibly bank of investment and foolishly on the anova, rfid tags are oxazepam transplant, from pike stumpy to sleekly lorry to hoffmann lactogen to farmhand. ❋ Unknown (2009)

e t a hoffmann edgar allan poe escape fall of the house of usher fear on four foundation: the psychohistorians frankenstein fredric brown fresh blood future imperfect future tense gerry jones ghost zone gilgamesh gold bug the golden apples of the sun haunted - tales of the supernatural haunted hospital hell house house on the borderland hunter's moon ❋ Z0mbieastronaut (2009)

Wow, why does that [douche] only spell his [last name] with one N and not 2, it's supposed to be [HOFFMANN]? ❋ Cchoffy55 (2009)

person one: [look at that] [loser] Person [two]: that's Robert Hoffmann ❋ That Boi From School (2018)

Wow look at that [alpha] [farmer] male too bad he is a [big rig hoffmann] ❋ Aspergers=massburgers (2019)

[Your such a] Kurtis Hoffmann [bro]! ❋ That_weird_Cat_dude (2018)

Did you see that [Pedro Hoffmann] was [arrested] the other day. Did you see how [thicc] [Pedro hoffmann] is looking today? ❋ Donaldhumpylumpymexican (2020)

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What does hoffmann mean?

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