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Definitions and meanings of "Hoked"

What do we mean by hoked?

To ascribe a false or artificial quality to; to pretend falsely to have some quality or to be doing something, etc.

To randomly or unexpectedly leave anything at any point of time without any notice or prior knowledge from the opposing person or people. Urban Dictionary

Belfast/Northern Irish word for "rummage" or "Find" Urban Dictionary

To go for a touchdown when all pussies think you should kick a FG Urban Dictionary

Otherwise known as the triangle choke; a submission in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu; perfected by a tall fellow from Minnesota Urban Dictionary

To chauffeur someone around, particularly an old lady, so that she can run errands. (Originated from the name of the black man, Hoke, in the movie Driving Miss Daisy.) Urban Dictionary

To describe someone who's fat, being/acting like a fat person. Urban Dictionary

To mess or screw around. Urban Dictionary

A British person who is 6 feet wide and has the ugliest haircut ever. Urban Dictionary

A word to say when there are no words to be said Urban Dictionary

Most good; showing of emence greatness Urban Dictionary

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The word "hoked" in example sentences

Oh, yeah, right ... they did ... but that for a blow-job and a legally pathetic hoked-up civil suit for alleged sexual harassment. ❋ Unknown (2007)

If there's inaccuracy in these, it's measurement error, rather than some hoked-up numbers like Burt's .... ❋ Unknown (2007)

Don Siegelman on hoked-up corruption charges that made his seven-year prison sentence an international disgrace. ❋ Unknown (2009)

She hoked it up with "don't ya know" & "Say it ain't so Joe", when she couldn't directly refute one of Joe Biden's claims. ❋ Unknown (2009)

That was [the last time] I've ever heard of [Jeff]. He totally [hoked] me! ❋ Willietipit (2015)

Me: Did you find that cd? Billy: Aye, I'll have a [Hoke] for it now Me: Give us a [hoke] at ye!! Me: Give us a hoke at ur [blurt] ([Northern Irish Slang] for vagina) ❋ KingBIlly1690 (2009)

Michigan totally [Hoked] Notre Dame last night. What a game! The Lions almost got Hoked before [halftime] against [the Bucs], but the defense broke up the Bucs pass in the end zone. ❋ ILP929 (2011)

The Hokeness [choke] is very [effective] at stopping bloodflow to the [brain]. That guy was Hokenessed out! ❋ Mango The Mang (2005)

Man 1: [Hey buddy], you wanna go [golfing] Saturday? Man 2: I can't... I gotta hoke my mother to the [hairdresser]. ❋ Janet66 (2007)

A: "yo look at that guy over there, he's [munching] down [that bag] of chips [like there's no tomorrow]!" B: "damn nature, what a hokee.." ❋ Maka Ceto (2009)

"Do I look like I [hoke] around"? [Jonathon] said to [Michael]. ❋ Kysstudent (2023)

"Man, [Davena] is such a [HOKE]" "[ikr]" ❋ Stupido Rapido (2021)

bob: [my ass] is [bleeding] a lot [dan]: hoke ❋ Jarthoke (2009)

that was hoke [when I] [won the lottery] ❋ IcePick Trotter (2003)

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What does hoked mean?

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