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Hyphenation home
Pronunciations /(h)əʊm/

Definitions and meanings of "Home"

What do we mean by home?

A place where one lives; a residence. noun

The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or apartment. noun

A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household. noun

An environment offering security and happiness. noun

A valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin. noun

The place, such as a country or town, where one was born or has lived for a long period. noun

The native habitat, as of a plant or animal. noun

The place where something is discovered, founded, developed, or promoted; a source. noun

A headquarters; a home base. noun

Home plate. noun

Home base. noun

An institution where people are cared for. noun

The starting position of the cursor on a text-based computer display, usually in the upper left corner of the screen. noun

A starting position within a computer application, such as the beginning of a line, file, or screen or the top of a chart or list. noun

Of or relating to a home, especially to one's household or house. adjective

Taking place in the home. adjective

A dwelling.

One’s native land; the place or country in which one dwells; the place where one’s ancestors dwell or dwelt.

The locality where a thing is usually found, or was first found, or where it is naturally abundant; habitat; seat.

A focus point.

A place where I can poop for however long I desire. Urban Dictionary

That place where you feel unjudged, loved and safe -- no matter how you act or what you do. Urban Dictionary

Harry styles Urban Dictionary

Where dreams go to die. Urban Dictionary

A word that means something different to each person who uses it. A person's home can be the place where they live, the place they grew up, or the place where the people they care about live. In the case of some people, home is a variable concept, changing dependant on the placement of another person or object, or a person may even consider his or her own body the only 'true' home. Urban Dictionary

A place that you feel comfortable in. Usually a home has family, friends, and whatever makes that person happy. A house isn't necessarily a home if there are no friends, school, job, etc. that makes the individual happy. Urban Dictionary

Home is wherever i'm with you. Urban Dictionary

In relationships, "getting home" is to have sex with the other person. (as an analogy of beisball, the different steps from kissing to actually having sex, have been compared to getting 1st,2nd 3rd base, and finally "getting home") Urban Dictionary

The place where you feel most at ease whether your family is there or not Urban Dictionary

What a house becomes after the person owning it has had sex in every room. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Home

The word "home" in example sentences

I think it was supposed to say "Best @home," meaning Melissa could win the at-home prize for losing the most weight. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Also, because I teach preschool we have 2 weeks at the beginning of the school year which everyone thinks is so lucky because we start later than the rest of the district…but really those days are full of meetings and mass screening and home visits…..home visits….yuck! ❋ Unknown (2009)

In any case, the fun part was not being at home& not knowing what time we'd get home. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Contractors will reduce the level of gas in your home by: • Installing a suction system to draw the gas out of and away from the home• Changing the ventilation and pressurization in the basement• Sealing foundation cracks and openings ❋ Unknown (2008)

Contractors will reduce the level of gas in your home by:• Installing a suction system to draw the gas out of and away from the home• Changing the ventilation and pressurization in the basement• Sealing foundation cracks and openings ❋ Unknown (2008)

Let you access your home computers from outside the home . ❋ Unknown (2007)

That being the case, I'm not super jazzed about your attempt to change the rules of our contract retroactively... a rule change that'd force me, my wife and my infant daughter out of our home yes, Walter, we may not own the house, but it is *our home*... unless you're somehow declaring that the several million renters in the City of Los Angeles are all, in fact, homeless. ❋ Unknown (2007)

They, better than anyone else, know which worker needs a home most, or if he has a home…. ❋ Castro, Fidel (1970)

If you ever come here -- and by _you_, I mean the 100,000 subscribers to the Lady's Book, don't go anywhere else, for _here_ you will find a home -- a regular New England _home_. ❋ Various (N/A)

A third is: _B., being at home, heard this as occurring away from home_. ❋ Lesslie [Translator] Hall (N/A)

"You're going to be as much at home as any of us, Frad dear, and I'm glad the time will soon be here for your school to shut up and let you come H-O-M-E, _home_." ❋ Pemberton Ginther (N/A)

When relief is needed in a poor home, it should be given _in the home_ without any {146} publicity, and after conference with the head of the family, who, if unable to provide the means of subsistence himself, is still responsible for procuring it. ❋ Mary Ellen Richmond (1894)

I was expected at home; and after all _home_ should always have the first claim on our attention. ❋ Clement King Shorter (1891)

She learned how Aunt Winnie was "pining" for her home and her boy; she read the letters, with their untold love and longing; she saw the look on the boyish face when Dan, too mindful of his promise to Father Mack to speak plainly, said he 'reckoned she wouldn't be here long if he didn't get her somehow _home_.' ❋ Unknown (1888)

That home is the Holy Place; it is the very Presence of his God; but _it is home_. ❋ Unknown (1880)

The child was abashed, and went home, saying, "_Ah, every one is fond of home_!" ❋ Various (1865)

She would have made home _home_; then she would have worked for it. ❋ Unknown (1865)

Indeed, it was his custom, though Elsie had not known it, to follow every funeral going to this, his favourite churchyard of Ruthven; and, possibly in imitation of its booming, for it was still tolled at the funerals, he had given the old bell the name of the _wow_, and had translated its monotonous clangour into the articulate sounds -- _come home, come home_. ❋ George MacDonald (1864)

"Yes, home I feel it to be; it is not a strange land; I thank God it is my _home_ I am going to." ❋ Susan Warner (1852)

Father and mother and home -- the delights and freedoms of those days -- the carelessness, and the care -- the blessed joys of that time before I knew Miss Pinshon, or school, and before I was perplexed with the sorrows and the wants of the world, and before I was alone -- above all, when papa and mamma and I were _at home_. ❋ Susan Warner (1852)

I had [dinner] at [Taco Bell] and then I went home and spent the rest of the night on [the crapper]. ❋ Nadc (2010)

[Screw you] [guys]! I'm [going home]. ❋ Kirokid (2013)

“[what is] home [to you]?” “[harry styles]” ❋ Thankyousomuch (2020)

I [went] home. ❋ I Am Nothing... (2017)

[Home] is where [my laptop] is. ❋ Kenning (2005)

[My home] is about [4 hours] away from where I [reside]. ❋ King's Daughter (2005)

"[alabama], [arkansas].home is when i'm [alone with you]." ❋ Hannah Horrigan (2010)

I "got home" with [my girl] [last night], [if you know what i mean]... ❋ Alex (2004)

A friends house can be [considered] home for people who have [abusive] [parents] ❋ Dubiks (2019)

[Dave] bought a house and within a week he only needed [to pound] a girl [in the attic] to make it a home. ❋ The Dude 88 (2006)

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