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Definitions and meanings of "Homesteaders"

What do we mean by homesteaders?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word homesteaders. Define homesteaders, homesteaders synonyms, homesteaders pronunciation, homesteaders translation, English dictionary definition of homesteaders.

To do activities that may be considered old fashioned or unnecessary in modern times but connect one with hard work and pride in supplying one's own needs. Examples may include sewing, knitting, chicken farming, gardening for personal food supply, generating your own electricity, etc. Urban Dictionary

Small town, lots of Hispanics, Blacks and Whites, high crime rate even though the police will deny it. Urban Dictionary

Homestead is the second oldest city in Miami-Dade County, after the city of Miami. It is located between Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park. Homestead was incorporated in 1913, it is a suburb of Miami. The city made national news in 1992 when on August 24 Hurricane Andrew a Category 5 storm made landfall destroying the city. The town recovered. Unfortunately, the new problem that threatens life here is all the trash from Miami moving to Homestead. Urban Dictionary

To do tasks and chores relating to being self-sufficient from the home. Examples would include: mucking the chicken coop, making jam, setting up a rain barrel, turning the compost, or even cleaning house. Urban Dictionary

A small town in south florida, with more Mexicans than a mexican town. many Blacks too. after Cubans land there rafts this is one place they like to go. Alot of crime, and filled with drugs. Hot-spot for illegal mexican workers. Urban Dictionary

A person who moves into a neighborhood at least seven years before the neighborhood becomes gentrified. The Homesteader is very proud be a Homesteader. The Homesteader enjoys regaling new residents with tales about all the homicides that took place where the Target now stands and the Starbucks that was previously a meth lab. The Homesteader, if a homeowner, makes bank on selling. The Homesteader, if a renter, gets priced out within a year of the new fusion restaurant opening. Regardless, Homesteaders always find a new frontier to stake their claim. Urban Dictionary

1) A group of tight-knit queer meme-loving aesthetic-crazed friends who tell lots of puns and are basically a cult. All closely maintain tumblrs full of cats memes and aesthetics. There's one straight girl in the group who dates fruit-boys or something. You probably won't understand a word they say to each other and you'd think you're on acid if you tried reading their group convos. 2) An adjective of praise given by a member of aforementioned cult. Urban Dictionary

The act of inviting another unexpecting human into your fart plume with great joy and excitement. Urban Dictionary

One of your best friends, so close that whenever you need a place to stay you can sleep on this person's couch and/ or bed. Urban Dictionary

To engage in sexual intercourse with a partner Urban Dictionary

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The word "homesteaders" in example sentences

To the public, however, not so romantically inclined, the homesteaders were the peasantry of America. ❋ Edith Eudora Kohl (N/A)

We think some of the relative strength we have seen behind the homesteaders has been a reflection of that type of investment in these foreclosed properties. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The state has long protected "homesteaders," or Floridians who live in their houses for more than six months of the year, by limiting the increase in the assessed value of their homes to 3% annually. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The family members think of themselves as small farmers and "homesteaders" and have committed to an old-fashioned way of life. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Kinsella makes a number of references to "homesteaders," mainly, I believe, to emphasize the difference between property that you can hold in your hand, i.e., the soil from your farmland, and the more ephemeral IP which is snatched out of thin air and dissipates in the wind, i.e., the sound of a melody. ❋ Unknown (2010)

There's real sadness, particularly for those "homesteaders" who've spent multiple deployments in Brunswick because they like it so much. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Who goes is quite diverse, but the unifying factor, the common bond, is everyone is interested in being on the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture, whether they are agribusiness people or greenhorns, cattle ranchers or vegan growers, angel investors or start-ups, policy people or school gardeners, or urban homesteaders and edible landscapers like myself. ❋ Julie Brothers (2012)

The city's rent-control law, which dates back to 1987, when white urban homesteaders began moving there in large numbers, allows tenants who believe they've been overbilled to petition for a reduction. ❋ Heather Haddon (2011)

It reminds me of what the old American West must have been to pioneers and homesteaders -- a pressurizing environment ruthlessly demanding of anything and anyone that tried to survive its rigors. ❋ Steven Weber (2011)

Helen and Scott Nearing, devoted homesteaders and ascetic socialists, sought the good life in rural simplicity and preached abstinence from all animal products, even though Helen ate ice cream. ❋ Dave Shiflett (2011)

At this point moving into Twitter -- which has 160 million users and an estimated 55 million daily visitors now; co-founder Evan Williams recently announced he expected it to hit 1 billion users -- is like squeezing into Georgetown, but Tumblr is a still a relatively bare plain with lots of land for homesteaders. ❋ Monica Hesse (2010)

The promise, in fact, made to the Freedman at the end of the Civil War was "forty acres and a mule," and when the "territories" of the Midwest began opening up to mainly white "homesteaders," this chance to own land -- albeit land that had been the home of Native Americans for thousands of years--was what evolved into "the American Dream." ❋ Joel Shatzky (2011)

The obedient colonel assigned the project to two officers and suggested that these militant homesteaders be paid as soldiers—even if he adamantly refused to use them as such.14 ❋ Col. Matthew Moten (2011)

It's not unlike the hardcore urban homesteaders' rejection of indoor plumbing, that marvel of modern civilization. ❋ Eric Felten (2011)

Sweetgrass depicts the twilight of a defining chapter in the history of the American West, the dying world of Western herders -- descendants of Scandinavian and northern European homesteaders -- as they struggle to make a living in an era increasingly inimical to their interests. ❋ George Heymont (2010)

I'm really enjoying [homesteading] in [the urban] environment. Who knew that [chicken farming] would bring me so much closer to nature?! ❋ Rubblegarden (2015)

Do NOT [vacation] in or [near] Homestead! Someone WILL [jack] your car. ❋ Phantastic (2006)

[Hurricane Andrew] couldn't take down Homestead but it looks like this Miami trash will get the job done. Homestead was a nice town until all the liberal crap from Miami started moving down here. Non-Floridian: Where are you from? Local: A town south of Miami Non-Floridian: Are you from the keys? That place is great! Local: Nope, I'm for a place called Homestead, just north of dirty ass [Key Largo]. Non-Floridian: You mean the place that go hit with [the Hurricane]?! ❋ Homesteader (2011)

Can't go out Saturday 'cause I have a long day os homesteading Sunday. I plan to install a [rotating] [bookcase] to a secret [passageway] or make muffins. ❋ Rubblegarden (2015)

Friend1: hey man we need some drugs! Friend2: [alright bro] lets [swing by] Homestead and find a mexican! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Police: (pulls over mexican guy) Papers ? Mexican: Scissors! i win! (Drives away) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Friend1: Man bro [im hungry], lets stop at Homestead to get something to eat! Friend2: Alright what Mexican restaurant do you want to go to? Friend1: Umm, anything american ? Friend2: Alright, Taco Bell then. ❋ Local :o (2011)

Homesteader at one of the new brew pubs down the street, "When I moved here [ten years] ago no one had a smart phone. You had to agree to meet somewhere and show up. The only place you could get a beer was at a small [dive bar]. [Cabs] were too scared to come here. There were no bike lanes." ❋ Emmy Kay (2017)

"Aesthetics bro wow [homestead] good vibes *sudden deep conversation about [the human condition]* dude if you were a fruit you'd be a fine–apple swag frickin [2k15] bruh" "Now this here is some nice homestead" ❋ Bethannswagmoney (2015)

[That moment when] Joe realizes that you are homesteading him and his eyes [water] and not out of [joy]. ❋ Tiefinder (2015)

"[Yo dog]! You my [homestead]!" "Really? Aww, you my homestead too! [I love you, man]." "I love you too, man." Passersby: "faggots." ❋ Datsunsrock (2010)

Woman-Four hours? Crazy... Man-Let's [get some] [lunch]. Woman-Lunch? We could [homestead]! ❋ Mistah J Napier (2008)

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