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  • Homosexual erotica. noun

The word "homoerotica" in example sentences

Jane always seemed to enjoy her status as a gay icon, and she commented on the bizarre bit of homoerotica in the film when she sings "Ain't There Anyone Here for Love" in the middle of a training session for the Olympic team.. [Danny Miller: Jane Russell, Right-Wing Republican and Good Ol' Gal (1921-2011)]

I am squicked by sub/dom scenarios of any sort, rather than strickly by the concept of incest or homoerotica.. [Supernatural Fic Rec]

Since I am not there to provide personal protection I would counsel you to consider editing those parts - or, at the very least, tone down some of the more explicit aspects of the trans-gender, cross-dressing homoerotica.. [Cheeseburger Gothic » Huzzah!]

Steward would later go on to write homoerotica under the name Phil Andros.. [Kergan Edwards-Stout: Our Place in the World: Reclaiming Our Humanity]

We've scoured the very back-ends of the Internet to bring you the best in early "hidden" homoerotica.. [The Most Homoerotic Vintage Ads Of All Time (PHOTOS)]

(Apart from the obvious homoerotica ...?) 3: 04 PM. [French Cover Art]

It's got wit, warmth, even some pseudo-homoerotica, and it generally reminds a person that, when it comes to pop music, this lot know exactly what they're doing.. [Top 10 albums of the autumn]

Jane seems to enjoy her status as a gay icon (I thought the two gay German guys in front of us were going to pass out from excitement at seeing their idol), and she commented on the bizarre bit of homoerotica in the film when she sings "Ain't There Anyone Here for Love" in the middle of a training session for the Olympic team.. [Danny Miller: My Favorite Right-Wing Republican...in 3D!]

Mission Accomplished homoerotica and the gushy articles about Bush being personable during campaign 2000.. [Firedoglake » Punk’d]

The Delftboys site from the Netherlands is also devoted to homoerotica by historical and contemporary artists; there are some great sketches and paintings in many media from a wide variety of eras.. [Archive 2006-07-01]

Equally brilliant is Willem Dafoe as Carpy, the video-equipment salesman and “pimp” (or is Crane his pimp?) with whom Crane has the kind of truly bizarre and disturbing homoerotica energy that only sex-obsessed straight men can have.. [Autofocus « Skid Roche]

Today he was projecting a conceptual slide show of scans from the mercenary "Soldier of Fortune" magazine with their pictures of Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell and homoerotica combat, along with scans from from military fetish magazines with hardcore gay porn images.. [Open Studios: Part Two]

Bob Mizer's fabulous late-period full-color homoerotica. [ΤΟ ΑΠΕΝΑΝΤΙ ΠΕΖΟΔΡΟΜΙΟ]

Pro Wrestling is homoerotica for men who want to feel that they're manly while secretly enjoying that strange feeling they get when they watch some oiled up juice-monkeys in speedos playing grabass.. [Planet Atheism]

Only atheism, socialism, leftism, communism, anti-Americanism, feminism, homoerotica and a fascistic quashing of free speech ... only these are acceptable doctrines for our schools to disseminate, of course.. [ChicagoNow]

"There are beautiful observations in here, about the immersiveness, the everyday cruelty and the casual homoerotica of school life," writes. [GreenCine Daily]

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Organic Traffics

Que maravilhosa essa vibe homoerótica lesbian chic da performance da @DUALIPA com a St. Vincent #GRAMMYs


@bigboysousa @JoselitoMuller3 @cassiafm23 Pois é. Se é verdade ou zoação não sei. O que eu sei é que há sim uma ten…


Esa tensión homoerótica entre Rocky y Apollo en Rocky IV sí que se puede ver.


@tuitgardo Porque en el prisionero de Azkaban ya estaban desarrollados y Harry y Rorro sudaban hormonas y se sentía…


@SolidariedadeGZ Una imagen muy homoerótica.

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