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Somone that is brave, trustful, no fear, very loyal and would never backstab. Either you are smart or very skilled in fighting.  Urban Dictionary

To own, owned, ownage  Urban Dictionary

To have sexual relations, ranging from simple fondling to full on intercourse with a woman, while she is puking from drinking exorbitant amounts of alcohol.  Urban Dictionary

A thong-like shape formed by a person's hand, which is then placed on another person's groin as a thong would be.  Urban Dictionary

Hong's are very beautiful, intelligent, cute, and love to eat. they are very unique and hard to find in life. They have a smile that could light up your world. they are really honest with you so dont get hurt. They have one of the most beautiful laughs you could ever expect, one you could listen to day after day without it getting annoying. Hong's are hard to aprouch cause they are the spliting image of the word beautiful.  Urban Dictionary

A smart ass who doesn't admit it. If you have a Hong as a friend, boy are you going to die of his memes. Like bro this dude can do quadratics and list all of Newton's laws with the specific definition. He defies the laws of smartness for his age. Sometimes you might even think he's an alien. Hongs are independent, mechanical pencil lovers, roasters, and so much more. His video games skills are legit impossible to compete with, it's like he's using legit bots and exploits. If there's a Hong in your life you better appreciate him =^-^=.  Urban Dictionary

A hong is a friend that provides wingman services and other bro like technicalities. Hongs are the best kind of pals to each other.  Urban Dictionary

To get stuck in ,somewhat wildy in a sexual situation, not limited to penetrative sex, can be oral, breast sex, any sex act performed with a wild abandon, bordering on madness.  Urban Dictionary

A beatiful example of a person. An artistic genius unlike any other. Has many friends and is occosianly a weirdo. People with First/Last names like Hong are the most beautiful people you'll ever meet. They are so hot and enjoy guys.  Urban Dictionary

Best friend you can ever get. very reliable and friendly, only thing is not enough money.  Urban Dictionary

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You lost all credability when u said katie holmes was the best part about batman begins. and so the fight scenes with scarecrow and the mob, the mob in hong kong, the party scene, the chase scene, and the climax wasnt action … ❋ Unknown (2008)

August 02, 2007 at 06: 38 AM yeah, i think so. i was born in hong kong, actually. brit colony thing. ❋ Unknown (2006)

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Red envelopes filled with money, called hong bao in Mandarin and lai see in Cantonese, are traditionally given as gifts from married to unmarried people, particularly to children. ❋ Michael Ho (2011)

In Korea they're called hong hab hohng hop, "red shellfish", the same type that are around Newfoundland, and they were really cheap and easy to get when I first got here but I haven't seen them in quite a few months. ❋ Gregarious Monk (2009)

This dish (or family of dishes?) can be called hong shao in Chinese, which directly translates to “red cook” (red referring to the color of soy sauce). ❋ Unknown (2007)

Dutch invaders of Taiwan were called hong mao guizi, hong mao meaning ` red-haired. ' ❋ Unknown (1991)

The word "hong" in Chinese means both red and popular, so the song could be understood as either "Red Around the World" or "Popular Around the World." ❋ Unknown (2008)

We were encircled in this so-called "hong" by loveliness unlike any that we could have ever expected to see. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Turning out of our beds the next morning we found the boat moored to the bank of the canal, opposite a long, rambling, one-storied building, which proved to be the "hong" of the tea-merchant to whom the neighboring plantations belonged. ❋ Various (N/A)

Well, to begin: I am one of those unfortunate individuals known in China as "cha-szes," or tea-tasters; doomed for my sins, or the hope of one day getting rich, to pass the time in smelling, tasting and buying teas for the great mercantile house or "hong" of Young Hyson & Co. ❋ Various (N/A)

A representative of the coolie "hong," or guild, a dignified, substantial-looking man, was brought to the inn by Mr. Stevenson. ❋ Elizabeth Kimball Kendall (N/A)

i think it's lucky that u people can actually ORDER from levenger. i live in this small city aka hong kong and last time i tried ordering a circa (leather cover, letter size), 300 refill sheets and 22 extra large discs, the total of my items came up to about $14X. XX. i almost had a heart attack when they gave me the shipping quote: $137. ❋ Unknown (2009)

For example, he suggests that honky is from Wolof hong, meaning “pink,” or “red.” ❋ Leslie Dunton-Downer (2010)

Allahabad Bank to take MTN route to raise $500 million for hong kong business ❋ Deals India Staff (2011)

[hongs] [do not] have [fear] ❋ Joe Kim (2004)

You just [got] [honged]. [I just] honged you. He got honged. She got honged. ❋ I'm Honging You (2007)

1) Dude, last night a woman get [honged] behind a [dumpster]! 2) Man, [Pat] honged a bitch last night! ❋ Mr.yamamoto (2010)

She was [naked] and cold, so I gave her a hong to [provide] both pleasure and [warmth]. ❋ Mattyku (2011)

Hong- [people like you] just [make my day] [100x] better ❋ BBBIGBOND (2013)

Hong has a [category] of [Memes] ❋ UnKn0vNuS3r (2019)

***BASIC [HONG] CONVERSATION*** [Hong] 1: Yo [hong] Hong 2: Yo hongHong 1: Long period of time. Me no see hong in that long period of time. Hong 2: Hong, I know. Same. Hong 1: Can I come over hong? Hong 2: Hong, get your [ding dong] over here! ❋ The Real Hong (2015)

Mcluskie: So What happened last night? [Any luck]? Mate of Mcluskie: God, yes! [Honged] down on her like [a beast]! Messy business. ❋ Roman Totale (2007)

[Oompa Loompa] [lookin]: Loook it's Hong!!!! She's [so hot]!! 😍😍 ❋ Hangmanhole (2017)

[omg] hong an is [such a] [good friend] ❋ Jeff Boi (2020)

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