Definitions of "House"

A structure serving as a dwelling for one or more persons, especially for a family. noun

A household or family. noun

Something, such as a burrow or shell, that serves as a shelter or habitation for a wild animal. noun

A dwelling for a group of people, such as students or members of a religious community, who live together as a unit. noun

A building that functions as the primary shelter or location of something. noun

A facility, such as a theater or restaurant, that provides entertainment or food for the public. noun

The audience or patrons of such an establishment. noun

A commercial firm. noun

A publishing company. noun

The word "House" in example sentences

House prices could be supported by purchase of housing -- house buyer of last resort. Jan Kregel: Navigating the Jobs Crisis: Households Need a Bailout, Too

You'll see, we'll have a Marxist in the White House now, and Marxists running the house and senate. The Star Tribune's big wet sloppy kiss

My dad continued working at the post office and we moved to a house on e 38th court before I turned one… my house… just a little bit of background info… rabid-pandas Diary Entry

Last weekend, I set about to decorate my perfect tree. in my scaled down, dream house, for my very first christmas ~in the blue and white house~ celebrating my "this is as good as it gets" reality. wendchymes Diary Entry

He actually was so upset at me that he drove us back to his house, got out of my truck, and walked inside the house… goldylockz22 Diary Entry

We actually followed Toby all the freaking way back to his house before Tyler turned around and headed for his house… goldylockz22 Diary Entry

Where the succession of possessives is unpleasant or confusing, the substitution of a prepositional phrase should be made; as, _the house of the mother of Charles's partner_, instead of, _Charles's partner's mother's house_. Practical Grammar and Composition

The following are solecisms: "This house to let;" "Horses and carriages to let;" "Congress has much business to perform this session;" because the agents, _house_, _horses_ and English Grammar in Familiar Lectures

He gives what the house is to him, merely _a house_ in general, any house; it would not help it, but only make the defect more prominent, to straighten and complete the lines. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 13, No. 76, February, 1864

And, amidst the prophet's vision of the New Testament Church, he is directed to teach his people _the form of the house, the laws of the house_, &c., The Divine Right of Church Government by Sundry Ministers Of Christ Within The City Of London

Thus he may not sleep in any house but his own official residence, which is called the “anointed house” with reference to the ceremony of anointing him at inauguration. Chapter 17. The Burden of Royalty. § 1. Royal and Priestly Taboos

For example, inikw-ihl-’i, with its suffixed article, is a clear-cut nominal form: “the burning in the house, the fire in the house”; inikw-ihl-ma, with its indicative suffix, is just as clearly verbal: “it burns in the house. Chapter 6. Types of Linguistic Structure

” It takes him thirty to forty years to rise from “the house made of logs and posts, ” with the house “of well-joined boards” as an intermediary stage, to the “house in bricks, which is the acme of their architecture. Rochambeau and the French in America. I. From Unpublished Documents. VIII

” And the salutation which the best Master that ever was on earth or in heaven taught to His disciples and favourites was, that when they entered into any house they should say, “Peace be to this house”; and many other times He said, “I give unto you My peace; I leave My peace unto you; peace be amongst you. The Fourth Book. X. Wherein Is Prosecuted the History of the Famous Princess Micomicona, with Other Delightful Adventures

Miss Louise says to tell you to come right up to the house, -- the _house_, you understand, -- and get your breakfast with them. Overland Red A Romance of the Moonstone Cañon Trail

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