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Definitions of "huge"

  • Of exceedingly great size, extent, or quantity. See Synonyms at enormous. adjective
  • Of exceedingly great scope or nature: the huge influence of the Hellenic world. adjective
  • Very large. adjective
  • Distinctly interesting, significant, important, likeable, well regarded. adjective
  • Very large; enormous; immense; excessive; -- used esp. of material bulk, but often of qualities, extent, etc. adjective
  • Having great bulk; very large; immense; enormous of its kind: as, a huge mountain; a huge ox; a huge beetle.
  • Very great in any respect; of exceptionally great capacity, extent, degree, etc.; inordinate: as, a huge difference.
  • Synonyms Vast, bulky, immense, gigantic, colossal, prodigious. See bulky.
  • Great bulk. noun
  • Hugely.
  • unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope adjective

The word "huge" in example sentences

Second, adult giraffes are so huge they are not just tall, they are *huge*, I don’t think they get serious predation except maybe as babies.. [Now that's a stretch - The Panda's Thumb]

She was going to make my name huge in the art world.. [Vermilion Drift]

The United Nations on Tuesday described what it called "huge suffering" among civilians from air strikes in Southern Kordofan on the border with South Sudan, by northern forces directed from Khartoum.. [Obama Calls for Sudan Ceasefire]

"Let's say 'emotional' covers kind of both of them, but I could throw a bunch of different ones: 'Uplifting', 'revealing' and I will throw in the word 'huge' in there as well.". [Smallville Finale Scoop: Will Lois and Clark Really Get Married?]

And citing what it called huge interest on its website, the company is boosting production the following year to 45,000.. [Will Consumers Buy The Chevy Volt And Nissan Leaf?]

The idea of linking, connecting, plugging in, and forming a link stem from some of the diverse meanings of the Sanskrit word yoga, which comes from the root word yuj, which is pronounced like the English word huge.. [Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar]

It was the second time she had used the word huge.. [The Six Rules of Maybe]

Accepting the prize in the nation's capital, the exiled Tibetan Buddhist leader chastised America for not fully addressing what he calls a huge gap between the rich and the poor.. [CNN Transcript Oct 6, 2009]

It placed employment at the top of a list of what it called huge challenges facing South Africa.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

The party is citing what they call huge problems in Denver this morning in voting.. [CNN Transcript Nov 7, 2006]

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) WOODRUFF: Just moments ago, Governor George Bush of Texas met with his supporters in Columbia, South Carolina, thanked them all, said he was honored and humbled by what he called his huge victory.. [CNN Transcript - Special Event: South Carolina Primary: Bush Wins Decisively; McCain Promises Fight in Michigan, Arizona - February 19, 2000]

After working as a Soho advertising executive for nine years enduring what he calls 'huge, fundamental frustrations', Rupert had a career epiphany, got on his Triumph motorbike and disappeared into the Italian countryside.. [Evening Standard - Home]

Robinson says he moved out early Monday morning, ending what he calls a "huge learning experience.". [The Seattle Times]

So on Thursday the N.F.L. celebrated what it called a huge step forward in the league's drug-testing regimen: the inclusion of blood testing for human growth hormone in its substance-abuse program, which is part of the new collective bargaining agreement.. [NYT > Home Page]

Mad Money's Jim Cramer said on Friday's Stop Trading! that yes, it definitely should. , which he called a "huge truck bull market story.". []

Elizabeth Sackers will have what she calls a huge roster after numbers fell a bit last year.. [ Top Stories]

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  • Character4
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