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Definitions of "husk"

  • The outer membranous or green envelope of some fruits or seeds, as that of a walnut or an ear of corn. noun
  • A shell or outer covering, especially when considered worthless. noun
  • A framework serving as a support. noun
  • To remove the husk from. verb-transitive
  • The dry, leafy or stringy exterior of certain vegetables or fruits, which must be removed before eating the meat inside noun
  • Any form of useless, dried-up, and subsequently worthless exterior of something noun
  • To remove husks from. verb
  • To say huskily, to utter in a husky voice. verb
  • The external covering or envelope of certain fruits or seeds; glume; hull; rind; in the United States, especially applied to the covering of the ears of maize. noun
  • The supporting frame of a run of millstones. noun
  • To strip off the external covering or envelope of. verb-transitive
  • To strip off the external integument or covering of.
  • To open or shuck, as oysters.
  • Dry; parched.
  • The external covering of certain fruits or seeds of plants; the glume, epicarp, rind, or hull; in the United States, specifically, the outer covering of an ear of maize or Indian corn. noun
  • Something resembling a husk, or serving the purpose of husks, as the membranous covering of an insect, or (sometimes) the shells of oysters. noun
  • Figuratively, the outer covering of anything; that which incloses or conceals the reality or the essential part; hence, in the plural, refuse; waste. noun
  • The frame which supports a run of millstones. noun
  • The greater dogfish, Scylliorhinus canicula. noun

The word "husk" in example sentences

{225} In the nut, the calyx remains green and beautiful, forming what we call the husk of a filbert; and again we find Nature amusing herself by trying to make us think that this strict envelope, almost closing over the single seed, is the same thing to the nut that its green shell is to a walnut!. [Proserpina, Volume 1 Studies Of Wayside Flowers]

Corn still in the husk is fabulous microwaved for 3 minutes, the silks come away with great ease and the corn is terrific. [Microwaving Beats Boiling For Veggies | Lifehacker Australia]

In an oven heated at 350, cook corn in husk for 25 minutes.. [Archive 2007-08-01]

The clear water, fresh and cool in its thick insulated husk, is refreshing.. [First flight - an excerpt from the book: Agave Marias]

The 'peas' are not oval, but the husk is -- sorta.. [What are those little green almond-like things sold on the street?]

The hairy looking husk is just thick enough that a knife should be used to slice through the skin, revealing the pale fruit inside.. [You gonna eat that? Random musings on food and life in Orange County, California » Rambutan]

When a quantity of these ears, all with thin husk leaves bent back, had accumulated, one of the huskers passed them to someone of the young men, who braided them; or one of the women of the family owning the field might braid them.. [Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden]

Sitting at A, I now began husking, breaking off the husks from each ear in three strokes, thus: With my hand I drew back half the husk; second, I drew back the other half; third, I broke the husk from the cob.. [Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden]

Sometimes an ear of corn appears very plump, or somewhat swelled; and when the husk is opened, there is no corn inside, only mapë'di, or smut; or sometimes part of the ear will be found with a little grain at one end, and mapë'di at the other.. [Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden]

In parts of Virginia, before the war, the word husk or hus 'meant the cob or spike of the corn.. [The Hoosier Schoolmaster]

The tomatillo fruit is surrounded by a paper-like husk, hence the name husk tomato.. [Chow Times]

They are variously called husk tomatoes or ground cherries.. [Steve Poses: On the Road: Philadelphia's Neighborhood Farmers' Markets -- Rittenhouse Square]

The husk, which is the outer calyx of the flower that enlarges into a papery sheath around the fruit as it develops, must be removed before food preparation.. [Tomatoes and Tomatillos: Salsa Essentials]

Grilled over charcoal, ears of corn in the husk were then denuded, grilled again and slathered with mayonnaise; hers was dusted with chili powder.. [La Pena De Bernal And Guanajuato]

Shuck, however, is much more widely used than husk in colloquial speech ” the farmers in more than half of the United States are hardly acquainted with the word husk as applied to the envelope of the ear.. [The Hoosier Schoolmaster]

As far as I understand, Butterfly-Mind is attracted to the suspendium, and then physically trapped inside of Skeets' dying robot husk, which is reinforced with more suspendium.. [Week 52: Outside Time Without Extension]

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