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Definitions of "hygienic"

  • Of or relating to hygiene. adjective
  • Tending to promote or preserve health. adjective
  • Sanitary. adjective
  • Pertaining to hygiene; clean, sanitary. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to health or hygiene; sanitary. adjective
  • Relating to hygiene; pertaining to health or the science of health.
  • tending to promote or preserve health adjective

The word "hygienic" in example sentences

Determined to change this, Wiley persuaded Congress in 1902 to fund what he called "hygienic table trials" of commercial food products.. [Slate Magazine]

We would love to watch him butter the slices, apply the chutney (wondering if the chutney was made in hygienic conditions) and then he would skillfully slice the vegetables thin, holding it in hand.. [Veg Sandwich From The Streets of Mumbai]

They consider that the hand dryer is a significant step forward in hygienic electrical hand dryer technology.. [James Dyson Reinvents the Hand Dryer | Impact Lab]

This striking difference could not be related to any corresponding difference in hygienic conditions in the various prisons, and provided strong support for the relevance of Eijkman's work. 1 The story of Eikman's work is told in more detail in another Nobelprize. org production, Vitamin. [The Nobel Prize and the Discovery of Vitamins]

And, when we see how much of our improvement is due to gains made in hygienic knowledge, in public provision for education and sanitary regulation, none of which has been accomplished by mothers, we are forced to see that whatever advance the race has made is not exclusively attributable to motherhood.. [Women and Economics: A Study of the Economic Relation Between Men and Women as a Factor in Social Evolution]

Miles has referred to as the hygienic self, that discursive constellation of ideas which regarded the human subject as being ever-vulnerable to a concerted corrosion, corruption or disfigurement by any perceivable manifestations of desire. 4. [Gothic Visions, Romantic Acoustics]

These figures demonstrate the importance of preventive medicine, although there exists in different branches of preventive medicine that which is basically referred to as hygienic measures, such as vaccination, eradication of certain insects which are disease carriers, and reduction of percentages by other measures.. [CLOSING CEREMONY OF THE MEDICAL-DENTAL CONGRESS]

Next, there are what one might describe as hygienic and climatic considerations.. [Old Calabria]

He, who is ignorant of what is termed hygienic law, is more receptive of spiritual power and of faith in one. [Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures]

Among other things, the company makes what's known as hygienic non-slip tile floors used in restaurants, and heavy industrial flooring used in power plants.. [WSJ.com: What's News US]

I also think that after they have been served to a customer that it might not be 'hygienic' to serve them to someone else, and so maybe they throw them away.. [choper - French Word-A-Day]

There were several reports of inhumane detention conditions such as the collection of 17-40 people in a freezing 8-by-10 cell with one toilet and two pieces of paper each for "hygienic" purposes.. [Boing Boing: January 5, 2003 - January 11, 2003 Archives]

Measures touching on personal and traditional habits and customs such as hygienic practices, are not at all easy to effectuate.. [2. Aspects of Planning and Organization]

The theoretical session focused on preventive activities such as hygienic design, factory layout, applications of mathematical models and predictive microbiology, applying and efficacy testing of cleaning agents and disinfectants, HACCP and risk assessment.. [THE MEDICAL NEWS]

There is a possibility of "hygienic" filling in "clean environment" (product filling in closed zone in protective gas environment).. [Food IngredientsFIrst News]

The organisation wants more money spent on research, such as studying 'hygienic' bees which have a genetic tendency to remove dead or diseased larvae from their hives - making them less prone to infection from disease and parasites such as the varroa mite, which has caused widespread devastation of honeybee colonies.. [Telegraph.co.uk: news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph]

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  • Pronunciations(hīˌjē-ĕnˈĭk, hī-jĕnˈ-, -jēˈnĭk)
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation hy gi en ic




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