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Hysteresis is the dependence of the state of a system on its history. For example, a magnet may have more than one possible magnetic moment in a given magnetic field, depending on how the field changed in the past. Plots of a single component of the moment often form a loop or hysteresis curve, where there are different values of one variable depending on the direction of change of another variable. This history dependence is the basis of memory in a hard disk drive and the remanence that retains a record of the Earth's magnetic field magnitude in the past. Hysteresis occurs in ferromagnetic and ferroelectric materials, as well as in the deformation of rubber bands and shape-memory alloys and many other natural phenomena. In natural systems it is often associated with irreversible thermodynamic change such as phase transitions and with internal friction; and dissipation is a common side effect. Hysteresis can be found in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, and economics. It is incorporated in many artificial systems: for example, in thermostats and Schmitt triggers, it prevents unwanted frequent switching. Hysteresis can be a dynamic lag between an input and an output that disappears if the input is varied more slowly; this is known as rate-dependent hysteresis. However, phenomena such as the magnetic hysteresis loops are mainly rate-independent, which makes a durable memory possible. Systems with hysteresis are nonlinear, and can be mathematically challenging to model. Some models such as the Preisach model (originally applied to ferromagnetism) and the Bouc–Wen model attempt to capture general features of hysteresis; and there are also phenomenological models for particular phenomena such as the Jiles–Atherton model for ferromagnetism..

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Definitions of "hysteresis"

  • The lagging of an effect behind its cause, as when the change in magnetism of a body lags behind changes in the magnetic field. noun
  • A property of a system such that an output value is not a strict function of the corresponding input, but also incorporates some lag, delay, or history dependence, and in particular when the response for a decrease in the input variable is different from the response for an increase. For example, a thermostat with a nominal setpoint of 75° might switch the controlled heat source on when the temperature drops below 74°, and off when it rises above 76°. noun
  • A lagging or retardation of the effect, when the forces acting upon a body are changed, as if from velocity or internal friction; a temporary resistance to change from a condition previously induced, observed in magnetism, thermoelectricity, etc., on reversal of polarity. noun
  • A lagging of one of two related phenomena behind the other. noun
  • the lagging of an effect behind its cause; especially the phenomenon in which the magnetic induction of a ferromagnetic material lags behind the changing magnetic field noun

The word "hysteresis" in example sentences

Such systems often exhibit hysteresis, that is multiple states for the same system parameters but which state you are in depends on history, i.e., initial conditions.. [This "Fix" in the GISS Code « Climate Audit]

The ice sheet's so-called hysteresis, or resistance to change, is now in doubt.. [Scientific American]

This intermediate input region is a deadspace where there is no response, a property called hysteresis, it is like backlash in a mechanical linkage.. [LearnHub Activities]

If high sensitivity is required the hysteresis is a problem, but in many circuits it is a helpful property.. [LearnHub Activities]

In 1986, Summers wrote an influential paper about 'hysteresis' in unemployment.. [Wonkbook: GOP's 'Pledge'; no vote on tax cuts; DISCLOSE gets another chance]

Summers won't say it, but short of a total remake of "free market" economics, likely nothing and perhaps that's America's future with growing millions consigned to a permanent underclass, while an elite few at the top grow richer, until one day "hysteresis" snaps the system in a disruptive convulsion, the old model passes from the scene, and nothing is the same again.. [US Census Bureau Confirms Rising Poverty, Falling Incomes, and Growing Numbers of Uninsured]

The moisture content in equilibrium with a given relative humidity is also affected by the so-called 'hysteresis' effect.. [Chapter 7]

"degenerative syndrome" called hysteresis that causes marble to expand more than it should.. [Fast Company]

Economists use the term "hysteresis" to describe this dynamic in which the longer workers are jobless, the more their skills erode.. [WSJ.com: What's News US]

Economists call this "hysteresis": it means that a recession can be more than a cyclical phenomenon, and have long-lasting effects.. []

Also, the input buffer of these optocouplers offer several key features to enhance threshold sensing such as hysteresis for extra noise and switching immunity, a diode bridge for easy use with AC input signals, and internal clamping diodes to protect the buffer and LED from a wide range of over-voltage and over-current transients.. [EE Times-Asia]

Heat build-up in electrical devices is symptomatic of eddy current and hysteresis loss and requires strategies for minimization of loss and removal of heat.. [Sustainable Design Update » Blog Archive » Super Efficient Motors]

What gets less attention, in other words, is hysteresis.. ['Hysteresis': An ugly word for an increasingly ugly economic situation]

And that brings us back to the mostly unknown dangers of hysteresis.. ['Hysteresis': An ugly word for an increasingly ugly economic situation]

The U.S. may be more at risk of hysteresis than in past recessions, said Laurence Ball, an economist at Johns Hopkins University.. [Joblessness Spurs Trans-Atlantic Divide on Policy]

Bloomberg A job fair in Illinois Economists have long worried that long-term unemployment produces "hysteresis" when workers lose their skills or become disconnected from the work force, causing lasting damage to the economy.. [The Case for the President's Jobs Act]

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i., fiz. histerezis. hysteret'ic s. histerezise ait.i., fiz. histerezis. hysteret'ic s. histerezise ait.

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