Definitions and meanings of "I"

What do we mean by i?

The ninth letter of the modern English alphabet. noun

Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter i. noun

The ninth in a series. noun

Something shaped like the letter I. noun

The ninth letter and third vowel in the English alphabet.

The Phenician character represented rather a consonant, a y, than a vowel, but it was converted to vowel value by the Greeks, and has continued to bear that value since (though in Latin used as consonant also). Our “short i” of it, etc., is not far from the original sound; yet nearer is the sound which we perversely call “long e” (of mete, meet, meat, etc.), or the i of machine, pique, etc. Because the words which anciently showed this latter sound have in great measure changed it to a diphthongal utterance (nearly ä + i, or the ai of aisle), we have come to call the altered sound “long i.” The true i-sounds (in pick, pique) are close vowels, made with as near an approximation of the organs as is possible without giving rise to a fricative utterance. The approximation is made by the upper flat surface of the tongue to the palate, at or near the point where a complete closure makes a k-sound. Hence the i-sound has palatal affinities, and it (as also in less degree the e) is widely active in palatalizing a consonant: for example, in converting in modern English a t to ch, a d to j, an s to sh, a z to zh; having in older English, and in other languages, a like influence on a k or g. Hence, also, it is a vowel close to a consonant, and very nearly identical with the consonantal y, into which it passes freely. (See Y.) I has also gained in many words before r the same sound that e and u have in the same situation: for example, fir, first. It enters into various digraphs, as ai, ei, ie, oi, ui.

As a symbol: The number one in the Roman notation.

In logic, a symbol of the particular affirmative proposition: derived from the second vowel of the Latin word affirmo, I assert. See A, 2 .

In chem., the symbol for iodine.

An abbreviation

In dental formulæ, in zoology, for incisor.

Same as i. e.

See i. e., i. q.

The nominative case of the pronoun of the first person; the word by which a speaker or writer denotes himself.

The pronoun I used as a substantive. noun

In metaphysics, the object of self-consciousness; that which is conscious of itself as thinking, feeling, and willing; the ego. noun

An obsolete form of aye.

An occasional obsolete spelling of eye. noun

A light form of in: as, “a worm i' the bud,’ noun

The name of the Latin-script letter I.

A letter Apple really seems to enjoy putting in front of every single product they sell.  Urban Dictionary

A letter that overly energetic high school girls add to their otherwise traditional names to make them "cute".  Urban Dictionary

An imaginary number. The square root of a negative one.  Urban Dictionary

1) A letter that hoards of businesses and websites put in front of their names and products to make them sound cool. The trend was started by Apple Inc. and since then countless companies have jumped on the bandwagon and done the same thing. 2) A letter which, when placed in front of any word, indicates the online version of that thing; regardless of whether the online version actually exists or not.  Urban Dictionary

An integer variable which, for historical reasons, is commonly used to count the iterations of a loop.  Urban Dictionary

See wordNarcissist/word.  Urban Dictionary

A letter added to the beginning of words by companies who think it will sell more of their products.  Urban Dictionary

A prefix that corperations put in front of everything new to make it look revolutionary. This usually has to do with music or other electronics. Apple started the I-generation when releasing the "i-pod" on oct.23 2001. After this, many other I-products by apple were released. The "I" apparently wasn't a registered trademark because producers from other companies (not necessarilly associated with apple) started making "I-products" such as variations of I-homes, I-cases, I-chairs, I-toothpicks, I-foot massagers, I-lint, ect. This could be associated with other urban corporate prefixes such as Mc or jumbo. Someday we could be defined as the I-generetion by future historians.  Urban Dictionary

A number that... should not, and connot possibly exist... but does because somebody couldn't have just left the square root of -1 alone... an imaginary number  Urban Dictionary

When Apple runs out of ideas for unique product names (not that that will happen, Apple’s not unique) so just removes the suffix completely and calls their product ‘i’.  Urban Dictionary

The word "i" in example sentences

How to use i in a sentence? Example sentences with the i, a sentence example for i, and how to make i in sample sentence, how do I use the word i in a sentence? How do you spell i in a sentence?

- P h ï h îp c h o c ¸c doa nh ng h iÖp c ã nh iÒu c h i nh ¸nh - P h ï h îp c h o c ¸c doa nh ng h iÖp c ã nh ©n viª n di c h uyÓn lín D­íi ®©y b ¶ng g i¸ g ä i ®iÖn th o¹i ®i q uè c tÕ ❋ Unknown (2009)

The next Thing tou »re tt Dbfenre i% tkt fincc the Ray C G i$» by jtbu Meanj, j6*od« i* wiH he re* dered fo if refle&od ialp any other Pofidon • A* ftp - pofe G T parallel to O M, by awing the Ghf%PQ, j this new Clock, which I here obferve in fo elegant ❋ Unknown (1781)

Rzg - B. u a. CoafeqneDtlv, V B is = toVD. i£». i.&i. ❋ Unknown (1769)

For loop, testing on existence rather than length, array lookup is combined with test, item () instead of array brackets. for (var i = 0, x; x = hColl. item (i++);) {} var i = somelength; do something (); while (i--); ❋ Unknown (2008)

A TREATISE i iii jf iiii I i M i j i n ■ ■ III m mmmmmmlmmm II ■ a I I 'I t 1 ■' i, mmm I ■ i n ii I I I ■ ■ "l y f ■ ■ 11 'II i .i i' K - * ■ T »i, - j i T R E A T I S E ' ❋ Unknown (1781)

It was OK..i liked the over all look of the movie, i agree with the first 3 comments, definatly stronger at the start got a bit muddled in the middle and the ending should have been better, must say William Dafoe was excellent! ❋ Unknown (2010)

I LOVED Blade 1 and 2, but 3 was sad as if i needed to say that..i say lets give him a chance and bring back the Blade we all loved. ❋ Unknown (2010)

So..i dunno, i wish him luch, but i don;t see Momoa fit this role.. ❋ Unknown (2010)

January 22nd, 2010 - 5:46:04 PM aww i know you said no comments but..i just wanted to say i liked the article! see barley a comment.. ❋ Unknown (2010)

August 12, 2010 at 12:20 pm own i love that movie too! and i also think I was born in the wrong decade..i would love to be a band-aid girl! ❋ Unknown (2010)

Hello Venkat. i like your blog very much .i am just wondering does anyone still working in the strange nickel electrode batteries? ❋ Venkat's Energy Blog (2010)

Why am i here….i dont remeber anything from last night, and why am i in my work clothes? ❋ Unknown (2010)

I am not scared of death but i am scared for my 20 yearold son .i am so scared that he will not be able to handel this treatment ,and i do not want him to ever feel what i felt . ❋ Unknown (2010)

Mon 07/19/10 7:36 PM umm yea i agree;;chad that was a big mistake you made when you got rid of emma in stead of erica;;ERICA is a suck up fack a** b****..i say emma is way better n she now how to keep it real;;umm but good wit tha fake b**** ❋ Unknown (2010)

Bluestar_Lali (Heartbeat, CT) i was wit him just a lil while b4 his death … .i love u JASPER HOWARD AKA JAZZ. ❋ Unknown (2009)

AGH! no youre right..i messed up i told them that scorponok was alive and they said he wasnt…i told them it takes more then a cut tail to kill a transformer and they said he was dead… ❋ Unknown (2009)

By HAVOCK, February 16, 2009 @ 6:51 pm lobes, i lmao, when you said more degrees the better, or was it sjs…anways..i thought yeah 6 degrees of seperation and 10 degrees of stupidity. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Used to it already. ;p maybe i shld change this habits as what u said is true! i love the example of the painting u mentioned, it's right! yeah..i agree too, hate it when the cutleries setting improper way. ❋ Jerine (2009)

[iMac]? [What the fuck is this shit]? *kicks the [expensive paperweight]* ❋ Johnny Rocketfingers (2003)

[Cheerleader]: Hi, I'm Jenni--with an i! And this is [my friend], [Christi]. ❋ Me. (2004)

[What is] 2i [squared]? ❋ Gateway_gamer (2004)

1) I just went to [iGoogle] on my iMac and searched for BBC [iPlayer] but then someone texted my iPhone to tell to me that [iMesh] have been taken down off the web. 2) I was getting iBullied by this iThug and I kept hoping the iPolice would show up and kick him into iJail. ❋ Atomik Spongeface (2008)

#include<[iostream].h>int main (void) { for(int i = 0, i <= 9999, i++) { cout << "All work and no play makes Jack a [dull boy].\n"; } [return 0]; } ❋ Existential Elevator (2003)

❋ Blah (2003)

Guy 1: "Hey lets [sell] this fan and we'll call it...an [iFan]!" Everyone else: "Brilliant!, simply brilliant! It will sell just like an [iPod]!" ❋ James1410 (2007)

[Judy]: DAD! I-want to go on i-tunes for my [i-pod] but the i-mac isn't working! Dad: I-DK... [Are you sure] it's the I-macs fault? I-think you have to hook the i-mac and the i-pod with the i-chord. Judy: I-ll try. ❋ Pedrotheporcupine (2009)

Panthean: I have reason to believe i comes from the [negaverse], and is therefore [the source] of all [evil] ❋ Panthean (2008)

Apple is selling small jars with a [vaccum] inside and calling the ‘i’. Get it? [It’s nothing] so it’s just ‘i’. *Googles “[how to tie a noose]”* ❋ Hi, I'm Steve (2019)

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