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Definitions of "ideal"

  • A conception of something in its absolute perfection. noun
  • One that is regarded as a standard or model of perfection or excellence. noun
  • An ultimate object of endeavor; a goal. noun
  • An honorable or worthy principle or aim. noun
  • Of, relating to, or embodying an ideal. adjective
  • Conforming to an ultimate form or standard of perfection or excellence. adjective
  • Considered the best of its kind. adjective
  • Completely or highly satisfactory: The location of the new house is ideal. adjective
  • Existing only in the mind; imaginary. adjective
  • Lacking practicality or the possibility of realization. adjective
  • Of, relating to, or consisting of ideas or mental images. adjective
  • Philosophy Existing as an archetype or pattern, especially as a Platonic idea or perception. adjective
  • Philosophy Of or relating to idealism. adjective
  • Optimal; being the best possibility. adjective
  • Perfect, flawless, having no defects. adjective
  • Pertaining to ideas, or to a given idea. adjective
  • Existing only in the mind; conceptual, imaginary. adjective
  • Not actually present, but considered as present when limits at infinity are included. adjective
  • A perfect standard of beauty, intellect etc., or a standard of excellence to aim at. noun

The word "ideal" in example sentences

Jehovah's dealing with his people, the mourning for her presence being the completest expression of grief, we can come to understand something of the Jewish ideal of marriage and of the high honor, _because of this ideal_, in which women were held.. [Women's Wild Oats Essays on the Re-fixing of Moral Standards]

_obedience_ is the only evidence of the ideal rule; for in respect to the conduct of the material world, the _ideal_ and the _actual_ are the same.. [Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry]

Indeed, ideal observer analyses that go too far in this direction seem to become circular ” the ˜ideal™ observer is ideal because she always makes proper judgments, those being defined as just those judgments the ideal observer would make (Broad 1959, p. 263).. [Impartiality]

Without question, Barbie has one quality that merits the term ideal, and that is timelessness.. [The Barbie Chronicles]

Portability: Liberal checkpoint system makes the title ideal for small bursts of gameplay perfect for the on-the-go gamer.. [Game Info Wire]

But the ideal is an independent FCC or Congress that pays attention and demands that these companies act in the public interest, that they be aware of their role as the keepers and switches of American information, that they have special duties that go beyond the ordinary companies 'duties.. [The Past And Future Of Information Empires]

Still, the word "ideal" is important: Ideal conditions for driving in a fuel-saving manner aren't easy to find or sustain.. [The Back-Seat Driver in Your Dashboard]

Kay-shawn: Ah the ideal is the mistery behind the hiding part of mi-face (lol).. [Wonderful Community I am in]

I'd rather beat conservatives into a corner than argue with them about a way forward if their ideal is a time when people were systematically denied equality based on the color of their skin.. [Your Right Hand Thief]

As Muslims, our ideal is a totally Islamic society, but that is only an ideal.. [Radovan Karadzic's website and blog]

But note that she's not highlighting the engagement with something new, the intellectual excitement of coming to terms with an unfamiliar piece, but the crowd's verdict; the ideal is an instant sensation, a ready-made flow for the listener to go with.. [The Wrong Trousers]

In response, Brandt argues for what he calls ideal rule utilitarianism, which makes the frame of reference for rule consideration not the actual rules available, but the ideal rule, i.e., the rule that would be optimific (productive of the best possible consequences), were it employed.. [Transport: a Flash-Fiction Triptych]

I see it as exactly what you describe as your ideal, a multifaceted novel with the potential to "show us the complexities and wonders of being human and allow us to find, through our reading, our own way through life.". [Archive 2007-01-01]

No, not according to the dreamer for whom the ideal is the reality.. [Archive 2004-11-01]

It wasn't what you call an ideal program for someone struggling to stay sober.. [Wake Up, Sir!]

Needless to say, the procedure of separating a large number of students from their studies completely, from their universities when the harvest got under way and sending them to the sugar mills to take part in it for two, three, and even four months was not exactly what we call the ideal method.. [GRADUATION-UNIVERSITY OF HAVANA]

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