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    Global English iIn a playful folk etymology, speakers of Marshallese have given new meaning as a compound word because it sounds like iia + kwe, “rainbow” and “you.”. [The English Is Coming!]

    In the first three weeks, Jonas says, 25,000 people logged on for free (the Internet address is gopher. iia.org).. [Dissent On The Hard Drive]

    There is also an informative podcast interview by Brian Fitzgerald of Peter Coroneos available from the iia site.. [e-criminals]

    To: [email protected] ucsd.edu Subject: archive send iia Also, due to popular demand, the article on TNO 1 (2) entitled. [The Network Observer Volume 1, Number 3]

    Alonzo de Molina, _Vocabulario Mexicano_, 1571, parte iia.pp. 20 and 78.. [Historical Introduction to Studies Among the Sedentary Indians of New Mexico; Report on the Ruins of the Pueblo of Pecos Papers Of The Archæological Institute Of America, American Series, Vol. I]

    +Act V: Scene iia+ p. 411, l. 12 _and I shall keep it. _ 1724 omits 'I'.p. 412, l.. [The Works of Aphra Behn, Volume I]

    +ACT III: Scene iia+ p. 275, l. 28 _stands and stares a while. _ 1724 'stands a while and stares'.p. 277, l. 28 _shall be. _ 4to 1690 'shall not be'.. [The Works of Aphra Behn Volume IV.]

    Irish business bloggers place focus firmly on pleasing the customer � IIA Survey IIA announce Realex Payments as Headline Sponsor of Congress 2009 iia: @darraghdoyle Thanks to @brendanhughes.. [planet.journals.ie]

    Book now for Ireland's eGovernement Awards & Vote in People's Choice iia: From the IIA blog: Blogging for business: interview with authentic bin lorry wild track:. [planet.journals.ie]

    Data Protection Commissioner welcomes new Regulations on unsolicited communications iia: From the IIA blog: Blogging for business: interview with authentic bin lorry wild track:. [iia blog]

    IIA announce Realex Payments as Headline Sponsor of Congress 2009 iia blog » Social Media Case Study 2 - O2 Conversing with Customers iia: RT @agtweet follow @agtweet to update twitter via sms via an Irish mobile number.. [planet.journals.ie]

    Web Design & Development • E-Symposium 12th May Rochestown Park Hotel, CORK • More Info: www. iia.ie/webcheck stephen. [email protected]ireland.ie Page 29. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

    This form also includes the same ominous warnings about false information leading to criminal indictment as if getting an email from the Revenue Commissioners offering to refund you money wasn't enough of a shock iia: IIA Member Blogs: Unemployed and Thinking of Starting a Business?. [iia blog]

    If you would like a printed copy or copies please email me at roseanne @ iia dot ie with your address.. [Irish Blogs]

    I downloaded the 'risk analysis for teenagers' (pdf) from the iia (internet industry association) site and it does confirm that teenagers will soon face hefty legal penalties, fines of $6600 are typical, for their current everyday behaviour - backing up or downloading music, recording music on their mobile phones and then sharing with friends, burning music on a CD and giving it to a friend, incorporating popular music into a video and uploading to You Tube, recording spontaneous song as video on a mobile phone and posting to MySpace. [e-criminals]

    Et inuriscus predictus tain ftructus fuit, cuin per foveas a (| iia pleiia, cum per vias oi) stupata», quod durum fuit iiitraie maiiscuiu.. [The chronicle of Iohn Hardyng : containing an account of public transactions from the earliest period of English history to the beginning of the reign of King Edward the Fourth, together with the continuation by Richard Grafton, to the thirty fourth year of King Henry the Eighth : the former part collated with two manuscripts of the author's own time, the last, with Grafton's duplicate edition : to which are added a biographical and literary preface, and an index by Henry Ellis]

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