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Definitions of "iii"

  • Alternative capitalization of III noun
  • being one more than two adjective
  • the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one noun

The word "iii" in example sentences

The poem is one of the shortest in Ovid's canon (_Am_ II iii is shorter), and has few parallels with his other poems.. [The Last Poems of Ovid]

Part iii, which is about looking forward was maybe a bit disappointing to me.. [Archive 2008-05-01]

This field, called iii offers a powerful way for you to control your destiny.. [The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com]

Tertullian adds the fast-days on Wednesday and Friday and the anniversaries of the martyrs ( "De cor. mil.", iii; "De orat.", xix).. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 10: Mass Music-Newman]

The full text of Clarke’s App.iii. is as follows: List of One Hundred and Seventy-two Tales, contained in a manuscript copy of the ‘Àlif Lila va. [The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night]

■ J. .» i. 'iii '■; • - \\\, \. \ l\uti'/./ s cause,. [The works in verse and prose]

Scapulam ", iii:" Cæcilius Capella in illo exitu Byzantino: Christiani gaudete ").. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 4: Clandestinity-Diocesan Chancery]

In the future, you could tell a friend you need to drop by a yínháng, rather than a bank.iii In this imagined future, a yínháng whose capital is derived from carbon emissions credits, rather than property mortgages, would be substantively different from a bank, and a better place to stow your hard-earned savings.. [The English Is Coming!]

Incidentally, some linguists would add PIE to this group, with the view that the language, or some key fraction of its speakers, spread over vast territories through ascendancy built on such technological advances as the spoked chariot wheel and weapons forged of metal.iii. [The English Is Coming!]

It happens that Celtic is the only Indo-European branch struggling for survival, its languages spoken by minorities in countries where English and French dominate.iii. [The English Is Coming!]

This field, called nutrigenomics,iii offers a powerful way for you to control your destiny.. [Mark Hyman, MD: Why Your Genes Don't Determine Your Health]

… In our approbation of all these virtues, our sense of their agreeable effects, of their utility, either to the person who exercises them, or to some other persons, joins with our sense of their propriety, and constitutes always a considerable, frequently the greater part of that approbation (TMS IV, iii, 59).. [Altruism Harms the Economy?]

This component (iii) is often neglected in discussions of how return predictability affects long-horizon return variance.. [If this is true we are REALLY in trouble]

Wikipedia has a reasonably good article. (ii and iii) Most Israeli Jews are either “secular” (about 40 – 45%) or “traditional” (another 40 – 45%).. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Telling Interview with the Director of Amnesty Israel]

; AND (ii) social-democratic governments in Europe, like Finland or Sweden; AND (iii) Stalinist or Maoist dictatorships as in the old USSR.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Political Ignorance and Perceptions of “Capitalism” and “Socialism”]

In particular, each member shall:... iii avoid manipulating exchange rates or the international monetary system in order to prevent effective balance of payments adjustment or to gain an unfair competitive advantage over other members.. [Ian Fletcher: Should America Stiff China?]

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