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What do we mean by ile?

An ear of corn.

Riley, shy, but sweet in her own way. her smile lights up the room and she laughs at everything. she’s beautiful but doesn’t know it, and she gets all the boys.  Urban Dictionary

The most hateful bitch you have ever met. She's obsessed with a boy who doesn't even know her. omg, this bitch is crazy and she's a fucking goddess in lying.  Urban Dictionary

A Very sweet girl who needs more hype on TikTok.. she’s dresses so sick she’s il..  Urban Dictionary

Acronym for Inflated Lat Syndrome. ILS is a primal threat/mating display observed in the human male. The ILS display involves the male human holding out it’s arms away from it’s body at approximately a 20-40 degree angle and then walking with a slow deliberate gait inorder to look more imposing to other humans. The posture is used primarily as a form of non-verbal communication such as a mating display to attract or impress females or as a defense or dominance posture to appear larger to a threat or to intimidate rival males. ILS displays can be observed : In the gym after an insecure male works out for 3-5 minutes. On the beach when a single male approaches a group of females. When a male enters a bar or dance club. When a male is too scared to throw the first punch in a fight. On the outside of mosh pits by the bouncer who’s had enough of sweaty punks bumping in to him.  Urban Dictionary

A queen/angel that is too good for this world and will alway stick with you no matter what happens  Urban Dictionary

Ur doing the tik tok where u take away the first And last letter of ur name  Urban Dictionary

Invisible Lat Syndrome. Guys who walk around thinking they're the man. Their arms are spread so far out that you cannot see their latissimus dorsi.  Urban Dictionary

Shorthand for "in love"  Urban Dictionary

The universal time for when one needs to feed their pet eel  Urban Dictionary

I.L.S. or Imaginary Lat Syndrome is an ailment suffered by men who walk around with thier arms further away from their lats (latimus dorsi), the muscle on the side of thier torso, to create the illusion that their lats (and physiques) are much bigger than they are.  Urban Dictionary

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How to use ile in a sentence? Example sentences with the ile, a sentence example for ile, and how to make ile in sample sentence, how do I use the word ile in a sentence? How do you spell ile in a sentence?

Created by designers Dante Bonnucelli and Lamm for UMUL 2009 (Use More, Use Less), a workshop focusing on re-use in design, Text-ile is made out of discarded computer keyboards.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Cleaning the Text-ile is probably difficult (compressed air dusters, anyone?), but the chair is the ultimate geek conversation piece, regardless.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

The related company, Les Machines de L’ile is a factory in Nantes where the creatures are created.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Seynt George, and by the see, where Seynt Nycholas lyethe, and toward many other places: first men gothe to an ile, that is clept   ❋ Unknown (2004)

Fro that ile, men gon be see to another ile, that is clept   ❋ Unknown (2004)

And aftre men fynden there an ile, that is clept Crues: and thidre comen marchantes of Venyse and Gene and of other marches, for to byen marchandyses.   ❋ Unknown (2004)

And whoso will go be watre, be the brace of Seynt George, and by the see, where Seynt Nycholas lyethe, and toward many other places: first men gothe to an ile, that is clept Sylo.   ❋ Richard Hakluyt (1584)

Fro that ile, men gon be see to another ile, that is clept Chana, where is gret plentee of corn and wyn: and it was wont to ben a gret ile, and a gret havene and a good; but the see hathe gretly wasted it and overcomen it The kyng of that contree was wont to ben so strong and so myghty, that he helde werre azenst King Alisandre.   ❋ Richard Hakluyt (1584)

[= 'water-got big'] the water rhododendron: mich'ile'-ne: s [= 'its feathers-wide'] has gotten high (in the river), it is rising rhododendron (Rhododendron californicum) • dahdiwilxit '   ❋ Juliemcintosh (2009)

And ale, when it is "ile," brings to mind a pleasant story.   ❋ Robert Cortes Holliday (N/A)

My friend, with much graceful delicacy, made it known to me that a drop of "ile" now and then did not go bad with one tried by the cares of a policeman.   ❋ Robert Cortes Holliday (N/A)

Your father's not got to talk business w'ile 'e's so bad.   ❋ May Baldwin (N/A)

Just why the inspector would regard "ile" in the open air in view of the whole world less an evil than a tankard of mull and bitter in a public house I cannot say.   ❋ Robert Cortes Holliday (N/A)

"Mistah Wright, w'ile's we 're talkin' 'bout law matters, what do it cos 'ter git a defoce?"   ❋ Unknown (1895)

The gas works, injured by fire, are not working, and "ile" has not been struck in the   ❋ George Alfred Townsend (1877)

To pilot to this "ile" of beauty he was paid high fees.   ❋ Charles Godfrey Leland (1863)

Ile is the sweetest person!! ❋ Pelukile (2020)

For example: ile is a bitch without feelings ❋ Miserable_Bitch.12 (2020)

Look at that il girl she needs the hype on TikTok ❋ B Rad (2020)

Dude. Check the wigger with ILS and a bad attitude coming through the door, he must think he’s the shit or something. Lets kick his ass later. ❋ Trav (2004)

For example if you yell at an Ile they will make sure your okay and will alway support you no matter what ❋ Ehenehehehshsbsvsbshsbsbw (2020)

Hi, I am il ❋ All64 (2020)

Look at this fool walking into gym class. He is only 15 inches wide but somehow he cannot fit through the doorway. Don't touch him, you might get ILS. ❋ Jesusofmobile (2008)

"They're so annoying. They must be I.L." or "David goes to see that damn country band every week. He must be I.L." ❋ Lucky Wendy (2005)

Brother, it is time to initiate the il Yeah I can’t come over I gotta il ❋ Rjb88 (2020)

Did you see Leah's new boyfried? The kid's got I.L.S. He think he's big but he's only like a buck fifty. ❋ People Skills (2004)

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