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Definitions of "ill"

  • Not healthy; sick: I began to feel ill last week. adjective
  • Not normal; unsound: an ill condition of body and mind. adjective
  • Resulting in suffering; harmful or distressing: the ill effects of a misconceived policy. adjective
  • Resulting from or suggestive of evil intentions: ill deeds committed out of spite. adjective
  • Ascribing an objectionable quality: holds an ill view of that political group. adjective
  • Hostile or unfriendly: ill feeling between rivals. adjective
  • Harmful; pernicious: the ill effects of a misconceived policy. adjective
  • Not favorable; unpropitious: ill predictions. adjective
  • Not measuring up to recognized standards of excellence, as of behavior or conduct. adjective
  • In a sickly or unsound manner; not well. adverb
  • Scarcely or with difficulty. adverb
  • Evil; sin. noun
  • Disaster, distress, or harm. noun
  • Something that causes suffering; trouble: the social ills of urban life. noun
  • Something that reflects in an unfavorable way on one: Please don't speak ill of me when I'm gone. noun
  • ill at ease Anxious or unsure; uneasy: The stranger made me feel ill at ease. idiom
  • Extremely bad (bad enough to make one ill). Generally used indirectly with to be. adjective
  • Not well; imperfectly, badly; hardly. adverb
  • Trouble; distress; misfortune; adversity. noun

The word "ill" in example sentences

IV. i.35 (385,8) [that my heart means no ill] [W: tho '] _That my heart means no ill_, is the same with _to whom my heart means no ill_; the common phrase suppresses the particle, as _I mean him_ [not _to_ him] _no harm_.. [Notes to Shakespeare — Volume 01: Comedies]

A few weeks ago she was taken ill, and in her ill*. [Gleanings of the Vintage, Or Letters to the Spiritual Edification of the ...]

What w ill thc}/anivver; if a defpcrate and a ftarving people, a licentious and an ill* paid foidicry tired with plundering and with deftroying each other fhould unite in requiring reaibn of them, as of the au - thors of all their evils?. [A further examination of our present American measures and of the reasons and principles on which they are founded [microform]]

The referendums Note how the pro-KMT China Post puts the term ill-gotten in quotes are aimed at popular topics -- support for entry into the UN is strong, and the stolen assets of the KMT are a major issue for Greens.. [Referendums Redux]

But "usual" seems a term ill-applied to Russian-Western relations in recent years, as well as one unlikely to get much use in the months and years to come.. [The Price of Doing]

A human embryo is not the same as a human being: what you call ill-defined terminology is clearly well-defined at the extremes we are talking about here.. [Us and Stem - Only The Daily Show Can Help Us Now]

The Board was especially critical of what it termed ill-advised and intemperate threats of jail imprisonment allegedly made by one Albemarle County official. [Board of Visitors minutes]

After dinner that evening Paul bewailed what he called his ill luck.. [Behind the line A story of college life and football]

Much pride had the veteran when he showed the sleek cattle, the cackling poultry-yard, and the tall stacks of hay; only he growled bitterly over what he termed the ill-timed leniency of his young patron in releasing the slaves in the chain-gang.. [A Friend of Caesar A Tale of the Fall of the Roman Republic. Time, 50-47 B.C.]

I can account for his conduct only by attributing it to that which we call ill-conditioned: I had to expel him from the house.. [The Last Journals of David Livingstone from 1865 to His Death]

There was, however, a reason for the failure of the young hunters beyond lack of skill and what they called their ill-luck.. [What's Mine's Mine — Volume 2]

It implies that her conscience is debauched by self-interest, and that by offering to remunerate her if she will part with what we call her ill-gotten booty we shall assist her to become virtuous.. [The Sable Cloud A Southern Tale With Northern Comments (1861)]

And to give you this in one word, it proceeds from that which we call ill-nature.. [Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions. Vol. I.]

Hours later, the Obama administration asked the court to allow it access to nearly $300 billion in what it calls ill-gotten profits from the industry.. [DailyFinance]

My label ill display: "Characters left: nr", where nr s the number of the characters left.. [ASP.NET Forums]

Mr. McNiece is demanding an end to what he calls the ill conceived co-location project.. [ - Frontpage RSS Feed]

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