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The doctrine or theory of immanence holds that the divine encompasses or is manifested in the material world. It is held by some philosophical and metaphysical theories of divine presence. Immanence is usually applied in monotheistic, pantheistic, pandeistic, or panentheistic faiths to suggest that the spiritual world permeates the mundane. It is often contrasted with theories of transcendence, in which the divine is seen to be outside the material world. Major faiths commonly devote significant philosophical efforts to explaining the relationship between immanence and transcendence but do so in different ways, such as: casting immanence as a characteristic of a transcendent God (common in Abrahamic religions), subsuming immanent personal gods in a greater transcendent being (such as with Brahman in Hinduism), or approaching the question of transcendence as something which can only be answered through an appraisal of immanence..

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Definitions of "immanence"

  • The state of being immanent; inherency. noun
  • The state of dwelling within and not extending beyond a given domain. noun
  • The concept of the presence of deity in and throughout the real world; the idea that God is everywhere and in everything. Contrast transcendence. noun
  • The condition or quality of being immanent; inherence; an indwelling. noun
  • The condition of being immanent; inherence; indwelling. noun
  • the state of being within or not going beyond a given domain noun

The word "immanence" in example sentences

The sense that romanticism prioritizes image over sound because sound cannot overcome its immanence is unsettled by the voice of Farinelli, which seems to vastly increase the power of sound, his voice having been described by English listeners precisely by drawing on the vocabulary of transcendence.. [Sounds Romantic: The Castrato and English Poetics Around 1800]

According to them we can only know something of God by means of the vital immanence, that is, under favourable circumstances the need of the Divine dormant in our subconsciousness becomes conscious and arouses that religious feeling or experience in which God reveals himself to us (see MODERNISM).. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon]

Such a factor, however, cannot be introduced, or re-introduced, into our theological thinking without necessitating a good deal of revision, nor without causing a certain measure of temporary confusion and dislocation; it will accordingly be the principal object of the following chapters to clear up misapprehensions which have arisen in connection with the idea of immanence, to assign to it its approximately proper place in Christian thought, and to safeguard an important truth against the injury done to it -- and {22} so to all truth -- by a zeal that is not according to knowledge.. [Problems of Immanence: studies critical and constructive]

Taken verbally as well as ontologically, then, and directed back into romanticism, Agamben would thus help rethink Wordsworthian imminence as a kind of immanence in its own enunciative right.. [Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian]

On every hand we hear proclaimed a form of the doctrine of God's omnipresence (usually called the divine "immanence") which not only denies all distinction between the original Creation and the present perpetuation of the world, but a form which practically denies all second causes, and which cannot well be distinguished from pantheism, though it would be a spiritualistic or "idealistic" form of pantheism, or "monism," to use the favorite modern term.. [Q. E. D., or New Light on the Doctrine of Creation]

These extreme advocates of what they term the divine "immanence" go so far as to deny all second causes.. [Q. E. D., or New Light on the Doctrine of Creation]

Or, to quote the actual question of a believer in this kind of immanence, Why ask outside for a strength which we already possess?. [Problems of Immanence: studies critical and constructive]

But now, having achieved an awareness -- obscure and indescribable indeed, yet actual -- of the enfolding presence of Reality, under those two forms which the theologians call the "immanence" and the. [Practical Mysticism]

But now, having achieved an awareness -- obscure and indescribable indeed, yet actual -- of the enfolding presence of Reality, under those two forms which the theologians call the "immanence" and the "transcendence" of the Divine, a change is to take place in the relation between your finite human spirit and the Infinite Life in which at last it knows itself to dwell.. [Practical Mysticism A Little Book for Normal People]

The doctrine of God's "immanence" was almost a commonplace with. [Robert Browning]

True the theory of Deism, which entertains more or less expressly this hypothesis of 'Deus ex machina,' has during the present century been more and more superseded by that of Theism, which entertains also in some indefinable measure the doctrine of 'immanence'; as well as by that of Pantheism, which expressly holds this doctrine to the exclusion _in toto_ of its rival.. [Thoughts on Religion]

You don't even have to be a mother to find a place in the new momism, which is, after all, at base about a certain idea of womanhood; woman as earthy, concrete, with her view of the world bound by personal experience - by "immanence," as Simone de Beauvoir once put it - and not by professional experience or abstract learning.. [NYT > Home Page]

For each subject, the arrangement created a kind of immanence, a palpable internal demand; the subject had to do something, to be someone.. [Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities]

If that reader was lacking in mental balance, he was likely to be swept off his feet by such a declaration, and to accept, with all its implications, a view so flattering to human vanity; if, on the other hand, he was a person of soberly religious outlook and experience, he inquired what was the doctrine in whose name such a proposition was offered to him for acceptance -- and on learning that the name of that doctrine was the unfamiliar one of "immanence," straightway set it down as the worst of brain-sick heresies.. [Problems of Immanence: studies critical and constructive]

"immanence" had for a long time ceased to be in current use, and had thus become strange to the average believer; it has equally to be remembered that in theology as {13} in other matters we have not yet altogether passed the stage where _hostis_ means both "stranger" and. [Problems of Immanence: studies critical and constructive]

Even though Maimonides 'God is “the form of the world” (G 1.69, P 166) (which seems to imply a kind of immanence), as a separate intellect ” entirely removed from even the realm of other cosmic separate intellects ” God, as the source for all existence, is entirely removed from the cosmos itself.. [The Influence of Islamic Thought on Maimonides]

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