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Definitions of "immense"

  • Extremely large; huge. adjective
  • Of boundless or immeasurable size or extent. See Synonyms at enormous. adjective
  • Informal Surpassingly good; excellent. adjective
  • huge, gigantic, very large adjective
  • supremely good adjective
  • Immeasurable; unlimited. In commonest use: Very great; vast; huge. adjective
  • So great as to be beyond measurement; immeasurable; limitless; boundless; incomprehensible.
  • Of vast extent, bulk, or quantity; very great; huge; inordinate: as, an immense territory; an immense sum; an immense eater (a colloquial expression).
  • Very good or fine; very striking, attractive, or interesting.
  • Synonyms and Excessive, etc. See enormous.
  • Infinite space; immensity. noun
  • unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope adjective

The word "immense" in example sentences

And Harpootlian expressed what he called his immense disappointment with the way the Clintons have run the campaign.. [CNN Transcript Jan 23, 2008]

His old arse left us in immense debt while he rode away in the sunset - teetering on senility and his handlers kept that fact from the voting electorate.. [South Carolina Republican releases new TV ad]

As Prohibition began, new bootlegging operations opened up and drew in immense wealth.. [Five People Born on January 17 | myFiveBest]

There is, in short, immense incentive to exaggerate the significance of every piece of "news.". [David Roberts: The 'Leaked Draft' Non-Story And Copenhagen Journo-Hype]

This odd bathos between the particular and the immense is clear to us in tawdry pop songs and moments of solitary sublimity. [The Pontiff Is In...]

I have two sons, one of three years and means and one of seven months, knowledge that only a small cold them can hit makes badly me star, this renders me the pain immense that can have tried the parents of that child who did not have no guilt.. [Think Progress » Suspension over.]

Africans drink it in immense quantities: in Unyamwezi the standing bedsteads, covered with bark-slabs, are all made sloping so as to drain off the liquor.. [The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night]

They are able to sustain immense variations of pressure.. [Archive 2006-11-01]

The kids go and get help from the parents who stand their oblivious to the kid in immense amount of pain.. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Watch this kid nail the dunk!]

But I also give McCain immense credit for his by all accounts genuine refusal to demonize critics of the war (or any other of his political opponents).. [Balkinization]

But of course, the one-time tax break for bringing corporate earnings back from overseas (5% as opposed to the usual 30+%) brought in immense amounts, as did the tax break for heavy equipment purchases which was also one-time.. [Not a dry eye in the house « BuzzMachine]

For the moment, he can't play, and the racket is immense from the unhappy.. [ - What LeBron James needs is a good example to follow]

The man, in immense fear of the (blatantly proven) vicious nature of his in-law's family, did his best to conceal the facts, and when they viciously attacked anyway, fled their wrath.. [Janet March's disappearance]

This is by no means wholly due to the new social services, but to other things as well in immense variety -- research and development of all kinds, assistance for commerce, agriculture, fisheries -- and much more.. [Traditions and Trends in Canada's Public Service]

To give a definite answer one would have to study Gandhi’s acts and writings in immense detail, for his whole life was a sort of pilgrimage in which every act was significant.. [Reflections on Gandhi]

They have shown that they have been able to solve the great problem which has been the despair of political philosophers from Aristotle to De Tocqueville, viz., how to join immense size with freedom and efficiency.. [The Tie That Binds]

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  • Character7
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