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Impairment In health, any loss or abnormality of physiological, psychological, or anatomical structure or function, whether permanent or temporary. Identifying impairments that contribute to disability, a functional problem for a patient, is a key factor for a health professional to determine appropriate treatment. In accounting, a downward revaluation of fixed assets A classification of poor water quality for a surface water body under the U.S. Clean Water Act.

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Definitions of "impairment"

  • The result of being impaired; a deterioration or weakening; a disability or handicap; an inefficient part or factor. noun
  • A downward revaluation, a write-down. noun
  • The state, act, or process of being impaired; injury. noun
  • The act of impairing, or the state of being impaired; diminution; decrease; injury. noun
  • the act of making something futile and useless (as by routine) noun
  • a symptom of reduced quality or strength noun
  • the occurrence of a change for the worse noun
  • the condition of being unable to perform as a consequence of physical or mental unfitness noun
  • damage that results in a reduction of strength or quality noun

The word "impairment" in example sentences

We will ask a local court to appoint a guardian when the impairment is not likely to resolve quickly.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Prisoners Retain Right to Refuse Medical Treatment]

As a trained Sociologist, I would suggest that a primary aspect of familial impairment is that the so called "nuclear family" never was a stable institution.. [On Same-Sex Couples and Catfish Derbies]

"We were taught in medical and nursing school that we were helping them and giving them amnesia about their ICU experience but what we are really giving them is delusional memories and hallucinations and long term impairment," he says.. [Changing Intensive Care to Improve Life Afterward]

The difference between a person with normal intelligence and a person with I.Q. impairment is that a normal person is capable of learning.. [Arizona lawmakers still pushing 'birther' measure]

Oncologists don't always disclose to patients that cognitive impairment is a potential side effect of chemotherapy.. [Idelle Davidson: How Chemotherapy Changes the Way You Think]

He cites as an example a 55-year-old having problems at work, such as behavior changes or missing deadlines, that may be early signs of brain impairment but that go unrecognized until they progress to full-scale memory problems.. [More Than 5 Million Americans Living With Alzheimer’s | Impact Lab]

Visual impairment is more accurate, unless they prefer blind.. [DISABILITY 101: SOME GUIDELINES]

Cognitive impairment is one of the neurological effects in patients with hepatic encephalopathy (abnormal brain function due to severe liver disease).. [August 1st, 2007]

The researchers hypothesize that the risk of dementia or cognitive impairment is higher when the surgery takes place at a younger age — removal of both ovaries before age 46 or one ovary before age 38 — due to insufficient estrogen.. [Ovary Removal Surgery Elevates Risk of Dimentia | Impact Lab]

Of those who survive the initial attack -- roughly 75 percent -- nine in 10 will have long-term impairment of movement, sensation, memory or reasoning, ranging from slight to devastating.. [THE WAR ON STROKES]

The constitutional impairment is clear in this case.. [Sound Politics: Absence of Justice]

Neurological impairment is something we're all too likely to know firsthand, and Peter Abrahams's suspense novel Oblivion makes of this condition something rich and strange: an investigation into "lost time, like some dark forest in a fairy tale.". [Oblivion: Summary and book reviews of Oblivion by Peter Abrahams.]

My mobility impairment is not obvious to the casual observer, but it prevents easy and painless maneuvering through turnstiles.. [November 24th, 2003]

A physiological impairment is a disorder or condition, a cosmetic disfigurement or an anatomical loss affecting any of the major body systems.. [ - Disability as defined by the ADA]

Determining whether an impairment is substantially limiting is done on a case-by-case basis.. [ - Disability as defined by the ADA]

Despite these biopsy findings, follow-up studies have not shown significant long-term impairment in renal function in patients maintained on lithium, and no case of end-state renal disease in a patient on maintenance lithium has been reported 717, 1027.. [The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry]

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