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What do we mean by implementable?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word implementable. Define implementable, implementable synonyms, implementable pronunciation, implementable translation, English dictionary definition of implementable.

- NOUN: - 1) Tool: a useful piece of equipment, usually a specially shaped object designed to do a particular task. 2) Law requirement: something needed in order to achieve something else. - TRANSITIVE VERB: - 1. Carry out or fulfill something: to put something into effect or action. 2. To provide or equip somebody with the tools or other means to do something. Urban Dictionary

A misuse of the word "implemented", the past participle of implement, which means to put into effect, to apply, to put into action. Urban Dictionary

When something is 'put into action' or 'working'. Usually used for machines. Urban Dictionary

A tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment, used for a particular purpose. Urban Dictionary

Implements are the three essential tools needed to smoke weed -- fire, some sort of pipe or papers, and the herb itself. Urban Dictionary

1. Another way of calling someone a whore; Calling someone a whore in a "nicer way." Gardening Implement = Hoe = Hoe = Whore 2. A HOEBAG Urban Dictionary

The white version to say hoe Urban Dictionary

Noun- referring to obnoxious individuals who are prescriptivist in nature and feel the need to implement the suffocating and irregular rules of English grammar, down the throats of learners. They are known to be particularly vicious to the poor second language learners who sometimes apply the rules of their native tongue, to English. Urban Dictionary

A tool used to control and torture unsuspecting college graduates with degrees in technical fields. Long term exposure causes uncontrollable outbursts of the word "Alrighty". Urban Dictionary

A plan or project which can be implemented. Urban Dictionary

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The word "implementable" in example sentences

Development of locally-informed and "implementable" standards would do far more than help reduce the toll of local tragedies. ❋ Tom Loughlin (2010)

"We must always pass legislation that is reasonable and that is implementable, that is able to be policed easily. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The department said the offer will be on the table for 21 days in which labour can make a decision to sign it and failing that, it will be "implementable". ❋ Unknown (2010)

"implementable" and resourced programmes and policies; a flow of information, as well as technical cooperation; an increase in the disability-specific development budgeting; an increase in the number of countries that ratified the Convention; and a heightened awareness of the most vulnerable persons with disabilities. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Olli Rehn, EU economic and monetary affairs commissioner, is suggesting that supposed legal difficulties are overdone: "speculation that the treaty on a fiscal compact is not implementable is simply unfounded." ❋ Unknown (2011)

This can be achieved by reducing the time it takes to switch to more efficient but less desirable options, e.g. by building public transportation capacity so there is an rapidly implementable alternative to cars. ❋ Unknown (2009)

“According to APTA [American Public Transit Association], projects should be implementable within 90 days, eligible for Federal funding, and projects that would not happen during the current fiscal year without funding help.” ❋ Unknown (2009)

Ultimately, we were hungry for a vision of MDGs that is implementable and does not backslide, and I would argue we got that. ❋ Suzanne Ehlers (2010)

Many of these would be implementable on existing rail lines or could be built on cheaper rail lines, perhaps with upgraded rails laid alongside for later HSR. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Every summit was followed by some hope, while the markets realized that they were not realistically implementable. ❋ Georges Ugeux (2011)

A great vision has stability and some flexibility while being understandable, memorable, exciting, inspiring, excellance centered, implementable and most importantly tangible. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Things like the United Nations Foundation's "Building Block Approach" seem to be gaining traction as implementable, common-sense pathways to begin immediate work on climate change. ❋ Roger Platt (2011)

"I'm not yet convinced whether an effective and implementable restriction exists and I'm also not convinced whether such a measure would be proper," he said. ❋ Evan Ramstad (2011)

"But in other countries there is scope for a slower pace of consolidation combined with policies to support growth—the key again is to clarify a credible, implementable, medium-term strategy," Ms. Lagarde said. ❋ Nicholas Winning (2011)

Even as the Oslo Agreement seems less and less implementable, at least as conventionally conceived of, Mr. Peres, who for the past several years has occupied the symbolic post of Israel's president, has never conceded an inch regarding its political wisdom. ❋ Hillel Halkin (2011)

Our approach, after months of germination, is: to ask youth for solutions -- implementable and innovative solutions to major issues. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Capitol Hill leaders and staffers should be readying an array of immediately implementable measures. ❋ Unknown (2010)

- NOUN: - 1) Writing implements. 2) They still need to get that through [implementation]. - TRANSITIVE VERB: - 1) [The plan] has yet to be fully [implemented]. 2) The thieves were given all necessary implementations. ❋ Jafje (2007)

I noticed Urban Dictionary had not implementated the word "implementated" yet, so I [submitted] it. I hope it is implementated now even though [grammatically] it is [incorrect]. ❋ PearlDiddy (2015)

Man, i really [implemented] [my penis] [last night]! ❋ Mysterious X (2004)

"My nasal [implement] detects an abundance of [faecal] deposits in the [approximate] vacinity ❋ Piemaster (2004)

You [ready]? [Let's go] to the show. Don't [forget] the implements. ❋ Brentmcd (2007)

Girl: She is a Gardening Implement! [Guy]: [I know] she's [a whore]! ❋ Cool.As.Junk(; (2010)

That [fucking] farming implement didn't [put out]! ❋ LAURENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN (2008)

[Oh god], my [English teacher] is such a [stuck-up] grammar implementer! ❋ The Unlikely Candidate (2022)

New [Analyst]: "Holy shit! That guys butt started bleeding!" [Seasoned] Analyst: "[Don't worry about it]. He's just been working on an implementation packet." ❋ Johnathan Burbridge (2007)

Mayor [De Blasio's] new plan to install smoking booths in parks, and smoking [tents] on the beaches, and both structures at other high pedestrian places is implementable, and the City Council is [poised] to approve his plan. ❋ But For (2021)

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