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Definitions and meanings of "Imputed"

What do we mean by imputed?

To attribute or ascribe (responsibility or fault) to a cause or source.

To ascribe (sin or righteousness) to someone by substitution.

To take into account.

To attribute or credit to.

To replace missing data with substituted values.

1. The usual idiotic misspelling of the word input. “Thank you so much for your imput.” “My what?” 2. Unable to put an object somewhere (due to the incorrect prefix of “im-“). Urban Dictionary

Hannah the correct spelling is i-n-p-u-t. Urban Dictionary

The act of resentment towards an accusation. Resenting an accusation Urban Dictionary

Anal Sex. Urban Dictionary

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The word "imputed" in example sentences

The imputed income also includes the employer portion of FICA taxes, but if you read the whole report you will discover that the upper income brackets pay more percent wise in imputed taxes than those making under $102k, which is the cutoff for FICA taxes. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The product of these teleological arguments is the God class, the Deus Irae, the Empire, for it is through them that the attributes and methods of an assumed creator are imputed from the morphology of what is assumed to be that creator's creation. ❋ Hal Duncan (2007)

We have the word imputed just once in the New Testament. ❋ 1824-1905 (1889)

Sadowa; while the thought which animated the court is admirably expressed in the phrase imputed to the empress who, pointing to the prince imperial, said, "This child will never reign unless we repair the misfortunes of Sadowa." ❋ Wolfgang Menzel (1835)

Surprised by this readiness, and struck by the view of the note, Mrs. Mittin imputed to mere reserve the denial of her expected wealth, but readily promised to get in the bills, and see her clear. ❋ Unknown (1796)

Then entered the guilt of Adam's sin imputed to posterity, and a general corruption and depravedness of nature. ❋ Unknown (1721)

It's called imputed income - I think I've seen some folks refer to it as the gay tax. ❋ Unknown (2006)

We might express a just surprise that Catholics should be offended at the doctrine that the righteousness of Christ is imputed, that is, reckoned or counted, to the sinner as his own. ❋ Unknown (1904)

I have done Gourgaud no wrong: every word imputed to him exists in the papers submitted to me as historical documents [28], and I should have been a shameful coward if I had shunned using them. ❋ Walter Scott (1801)

Now what this justifying righteousness should be, and when imputed, that is the question. ❋ John Bunyan (1658)

† and rendered much more rational and clear the doctrine of what our Saviour has done for us, as it removed the notion of imputed righteousness in co-operating; whereas by this view, Christ has done all already that he had to do, or is ever to do, for mankind, by making his great satisfaction; the consequences of which will affect each individual according to the particular conduct of each. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The total return on a home is the rent it earns -- either from a tenant, or the "imputed" rent the owner pays himself to live in the house -- plus its expected appreciation. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The good news is, this "imputed" rent is pretty valuable. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Nothing can be "imputed" to a man which is not ethically and morally present as a living feature of his character and conduct. ❋ Rufus Matthew Jones (1905)

The sin, to which you do not consent, is not "imputed" to you, as, for instance: involuntary distraction during prayer, impure and blasphemous thoughts, involuntary malice, against which we zealously struggle, avarice, which we resist — all such are attacks of the spirit of evil. ❋ 1829-1909 (1897)

Instead, the researchers "imputed" the genotypes, or inferred them from the available data. ❋ Kate Shaw (2011)

It said that while the prosecution described the crimes committed against the Serb soldiers in graphic detail, Delic had "imputed" rather than had direct knowledge of these crimes. ❋ Unknown (2010)

a disguise a man cannot cease to be himself; but he can get rid of his improperly "imputed" righteousness -- often the greatest burden he has to bear -- and of all the expectations formed on the strength, as Mr. Clough says, -- ❋ Richard Holt Hutton (1861)

“[Madi] desired to move the couch into [the other room], but [the tight] space of the walls and low intelligence level prevented her from doing so. Therefore, the couch went into a state of imput on her.” ❋ HK_Elite (2010)

HBZ-"[thanks] for your imput" ❋ Elusiveaspo (2009)

I felt imputation towards the [accusation] of me [stealing money] from [the bank]. ❋ Studentwork (2018)

Bruce [DeGay] Loves [the Third Imput] [Sailor]! ❋ Your Mom' S Twat (2022)

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