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What does the word in-depth mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word in-depth in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with in-depth and anagrams of in-depth.

Definitions of "in-depth"

  • Detailed; thorough: an in-depth study. adjective
  • Thorough and widespread adjective

The word "in-depth" in example sentences

This is a problem that extends beyond the scope of this book; this writer needs to do long term work on character development and is best referred to an in-depth study of characterization there are many books on this alone.. [The First Five Pages]

The manuscript itself was built from a series of in-depth interviews with David Hage, a superb editor at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, who served as my cowriter and became my comrade through three years of research and writing.. [The Good Fight]

In America and the Challenges of Religious Diversity, Robert Wuthnow summarizes a series of in-depth interviews with people who have experienced this inadvertent contact with someone of a different religion.. [American Grace]

So, yet further ado, let's take an in-depth demeanour as this erotically appealing foe which receives little or no airtime any some-more in a United States (although which might be changing), yet which is utterly popular elsewhere.. [Archive 2009-11-01]

Investors will still be expected to submit certain in-depth information about their financial histories, such as tax returns and loan histories, among other details, according to regulatory filings.. [News for Brokers, Wealth Managers and Their Clients]

At Omega's in-depth weekend workshop, "Resilience: A Retreat for Women," these leaders in wellness took us out to the edge and suggested that we take a leap off the well-worn paths we all travel.. [Jennifer La Lima-Ortmuller: Celebrating Our Inner Fools]

In Canada, federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart launched an important new P2P site specifically to provide detailed and in-depth information on DPI, a, “seemingly neutral technological application that can have a significant impact on privacy rights and other basic civil liberties, especially as market forces, the enthusiasm of technologists and the influence of national security interests grow stronger”.. [121Media/Phorm and Wings over Moscow]

For an in-depth, in detail analysis, “If Choruss abandons the time-tested approach of licensing and relies instead on covenants not to sue, it will facilitate a brazen money grab by the major labels it represents, leaving songwriters, recording artists and music publishers empty-handed, and college students holding the bag,” wrote Bennett Lincoff, an intellectual property law attorney, consultant and author.. [Warner Music’s Choruss, revisited]

Will they also demand the company ` s new owner turn over records of individual cases for detailed and in-depth scrutiny?. [RIAA backs out of Amurao]

Starring Rich Sommer and Amy Smart, Mr. Stache also screens as part of the Mix Tape Short Film Program, as well as at this mustache-themed premiere where the stars will join Schaeffer for an in-depth conversation.. [Brad Balfour: AmEx Chief Marketer John Hayes Promotes Short Filmmaking at TFF 2011]

Seelke works independently and with colleagues to draft confidential memos and writes in-depth reports to assist Congress in its oversight, funding and legislative decisions.. [Clare Ribando Seelke: Providing policy analysis to Congress]

"New York is the most important city in America and there isn't an in-depth exhibition on the history of the city anywhere," says the museum's president Susan Henshaw Jones.. [Hedge Fund Founder Helps Document City's History]

At a certain point I had to cut so much -- I went way too in-depth about the alligator research.. [Brian Gresko: Karen Russell on the Persistence of the Novelist]

An in-depth knowledge improved the quality, and that in turn increased the client's reliance on us in these uncertain times.. [Outsourcing's House Call]

The March magazine features an in-depth carbon clincher review. [Mercury M-3 carbon clincher wheels — Impressive, once you manage to get tires on them.]

Paul Kimmage interviewed Floyd Landis last fall in an in-depth, 7-hour session.. [Complete transcript: Paul Kimmage’s interview of Floyd Landis]

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TurkishIn Depth English to Turkish Translate
s. etraflı, geniş kapsamlı.s. etraflı, geniş kapsamlı.

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