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Definitions and meanings of "Inaugurative"

What do we mean by inaugurative?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word inaugurative. Define inaugurative, inaugurative synonyms, inaugurative pronunciation, inaugurative translation, English dictionary definition of inaugurative.

To formally introduce an individual into office Urban Dictionary

The feeling of anticipation for the inauguration of Barack Obama. In preparing for travel to Washington DC, this includes studying news outlets for predictions and traffic updates. Similar to the endorphin rush experienced by supporters during the campaign. Urban Dictionary

Marking the beginning of an institution, activity, or period of office. Urban Dictionary

1. Obsessing over President Obama's inauguration or over the Prez himself. 2. The act of having one's eyes glued to the T.V. screen while watching the inauguration. 3. Speaking incessively about how great Obama's inauguration was. Urban Dictionary

Marking the beginning of a strictly sexual relationship with someone. Marking the beginning of a No Strings Attached relationship with someone. Urban Dictionary

Picking up women in DC who are here for the inauguration who you'll never see again. Urban Dictionary

Synonym for penis Urban Dictionary

The first dump taken in a newly occupied house or apartment. Urban Dictionary

A gritty term used to describe the very first dump taken into a newly installed and pristine toilet. Urban Dictionary

The feeling of sadness that many people experience after the political climax of the inauguration of the president of their choice. Urban Dictionary

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The word "inaugurative" in example sentences

Grant, and the council gave their usual inaugurative banquet, and a very distinguished company was present. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Word of God so distinctly intimates, it may be that some such plan as this, far more perfect and world-wide in its aim, will form part of the inaugurative forces of that happy lot. ❋ Commissioner Booth-Tucker (1891)

I saw much of O'Shanassy at the outset of Victorian legislation, when he and I, in 1851-3, sat together as colleagues for Melbourne in the single chamber of that inaugurative time, and afterwards when we were associated in the Goldfields Commission, 1854-5. ❋ William Westgarth (1852)

I am of opinion that originally the Beltane festival was held at the Spring equinox but that its original connection with the equinox, in process of time was forgotten, and it became a festival inaugurative of summer. ❋ James Napier (1847)

The Versace Group celebrated the recent openings of its three new Versace boutiques, an impressive Versace 600 square meter flagship, a Versace fine Jewellery boutique, and a Versace Home boutique, with a triple inaugurative evening cocktail held simultaneously at each venue on Wednesday December 9th, 2009 in the prestigious Dubai Mall in Dubai, ❋ Unknown (2009)

[I never] [knew] who [the president] was until his inauguration ❋ M. Warriors (2005)

Sally: I'm getting ready for my trip to DC for [Barack Obama's] [inauguration] and am having trouble focusing on anything else. Betty: Sounds like a case of [inauguritis]. ❋ Soorya (2009)

"his inaugural concert as [music director]" synonyms: opening, first, [launching], initial, introductory, initiatory, [maiden] "the inaugural meeting of the Geographic Society" ❋ Darthgheezer (2017)

"[Blaine] wouldn't shut up about how great [Obama's] speech was during the [inauguration] or what an amazing speaker Obama is. I think he was having an [Inauguration] Orgasm." ❋ UYD (2009)

Question: “You [wanna be] [my side] piece?” Answer: “Yes! Let’s celebrate this moment with [inaugural sex]” ❋ Filipino Freak (2020)

theres going to be more [out of town strange] this weekend then in the last 4 years. Yea [inaugural pussy] [for days]. ❋ DistrictofMatt (2017)

[The Celebrity] Appresident is [obsessed] with the [size] of his inauguration crowd. ❋ Valerie F. De Daulles (2017)

We moved in on [Saturday] and Steve took the inaugural hog in [the master] [bathroom]. ❋ Snapperhead (2005)

I walked [awestruck] into my bathroom, [eying] my beautiful new porcelain throne, and [savoring] every moment, slowly unbuckled my belt, dropped my drawers and then thoughtfully placed myself onto the commode to take the coveted inaugural shit. ❋ Dr Bunnygirl (2023)

Psychiatrist: Tell me why you asked to see me today, Ms.___. Patient: Because I feel really, really, really sad - kind of drained and empty. When Barack was [President-Erect] - I mean, Elect - I felt soooooo great, but now all I can think of is my crappy job, my bills ... depressing stuff like that ... Psychiatrist: [Ah, yes], a classic case of post-inaugural depression. I notice that you first said "[President Erect]" .... Why do you think that was .... Etc., etc.. ❋ Ring-tailed Roarer (2009)

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