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Inbreeding is the production of offspring from the mating or breeding of individuals or organisms that are closely related genetically. By analogy, the term is used in human reproduction, but more commonly refers to the genetic disorders and other consequences that may arise from expression of deleterious or recessive traits resulting from incestuous sexual relationships and consanguinity. Inbreeding results in homozygosity, which can increase the chances of offspring being affected by deleterious or recessive traits. This usually leads to at least temporarily decreased biological fitness of a population (called inbreeding depression), which is its ability to survive and reproduce. An individual who inherits such deleterious traits is colloquially referred to as inbred. The avoidance of expression of such deleterious recessive alleles caused by inbreeding, via inbreeding avoidance mechanisms, is the main selective reason for outcrossing. Crossbreeding between populations also often has positive effects on fitness-related traits, but also sometimes leads to negative effects known as outbreeding depression. However increased homozygosity increases probability of fixing beneficial alleles and also slightly decreases probability of fixing deleterious alleles in population. Inbreeding can result in purging of deleterious alleles from a population through purifying selection.Inbreeding is a technique used in selective breeding. For example, in livestock breeding, breeders may use inbreeding when trying to establish a new and desirable trait in the stock and for producing distinct families within a breed, but will need to watch for undesirable characteristics in offspring, which can then be eliminated through further selective breeding or culling. Inbreeding also helps to ascertain the type of gene action affecting a trait. Inbreeding is also used to reveal deleterious recessive alleles, which can then be eliminated through assortative breeding or through culling. In plant breeding, inbred lines are used as stocks for the creation of hybrid lines to make use of the effects of heterosis. Inbreeding in plants also occurs naturally in the form of self-pollination. Inbreeding can significantly influence gene expression which can prevent inbreeding depression..

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Definitions of "inbred"

  • Produced by inbreeding. adjective
  • Fixed in the character or disposition as if inherited; deep-seated: an inbred distrust of radicalism. See Synonyms at innate. adjective
  • bred within; innate; as, inbred worth. adjective
  • having an ancestry characterized by inbreeding adjective
  • describing a strain produced through successive generations of inbreeding resulting in a population of genetically identical individuals which are homozygous at all genetic loci. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of inbreed. verb
  • An inbred individual noun
  • Bred within; innate. adjective
  • Produced or developed within; innate; inherent; intrinsic: as, inbred modesty or good sense.
  • Bred in-and-in.
  • normally existing at birth adjective
  • produced by inbreeding adjective

The word "inbred" in example sentences

I guess that's what you can expect from a bunch in inbred Bible thumbers.. [Democrats point to 'Smoking Tweet' in GOP stalling health care]

But tell me, is it true that bein 'inbred helps with banjo pickin???????. [An affair of honor]

To pull the plug genetically on a malignancy and prevent it from even appearing was pretty unusual, even in inbred mice.. [Vaccinating Against Cancer]

The development of this field from an outlandish rejection reaction in inbred mice to the mighty supergene system of today that all immunologists, cancer research workers and many virologists and developmental biologists meet in their daily work is one of the most exciting chapters in the enormous building of modern biology.. [The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1980 - Presentation Speech]

Nice to see that flatshire’s paramedics are the same as the ones here in inbred-ville. on September 23, 2009 at 12: 42 pm Medic. [Who Said I Lied? (because I never) « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

These breeding populations are referred to as inbred lines, for example, lines A and B.. [14. Saving seeds for planting]

Page 55 sin, actual and inbred, which is the work of the devil.. [Life of Lucius B. Compton, the mountain evangelist, or, From the depths of sin to the heights of holiness,]

The plastic looking, fake smiling, with the intellect of an inbred are the Repukelicans.. [ Top headlines]

Yeah, it's called the inbred Appalachian baby-factory cult. ralph the wonder llama Says:. [Think Progress]

Yeah, it's called the inbred Appalachian baby-factory cult.. [Think Progress]

In yet another segment, Anglophones were called inbred, frigid people who re-elected the. [CTV News RSS Feed]

Colorado is full of relatively normal people, Montana has a few people that others might describe as inbred and the Mormons are an 'interesting' bunch.. [Army Rumour Service]

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TurkishInbred English to Turkish Translate
s. tabii, yaradılıştan, fıtri, aslında var olan; aynı soydan olan hayvanların dölünden elde edilmiş.s. tabii, yaradılıştan, fıtri, aslında var olan; aynı soydan olan hayvanların dölünden elde edilmiş.

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  • Pronunciations(ĭnˈbrĕdˈ)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation in bred


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