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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word incend. Define incend, incend synonyms, incend pronunciation, incend translation, English dictionary definition of incend.

A guy who stalks soccer players, watches every single soccer game and doesn't cares if he doesn't spends time with his family. It is also the name of some random ROBLOX sword clan leader. Urban Dictionary

Lord of the cows, and you Urban Dictionary

A total chelsea fan. Urban Dictionary

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The word "incend" in example sentences

Sumdae, ai hoeps ebreewun can has teh grate kneed tu cee Niagara Falolls – witch, incend…insient…oddlee enuf, bees beri kneer ware a sertin liddol witch teh nice-ish kynd jus happins tu lif. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Why students and lovers are so often melancholy and mad, the philosopher of [2671] Conimbra assigns this reason, because by a vehement and continual meditation of that wherewith they are affected, they fetch up the spirits into the brain, and with the heat brought with them, they incend it beyond measure: and the cells of the inner senses dissolve their temperature, which being dissolved, they cannot perform their offices as they ought. ❋ Unknown (2007)

John: Does [Jordan] even think about [something else] but [ROBLOX] and soccer? Paul: Damn he is such a Incending. ❋ Lucifernius (2018)

All [praise] Incende! ❋ Kaaatna (2017)

'That [person] is [such a] Incending' ❋ Lucifernius (2018)

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What does incend mean?

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