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What does the word incidently mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word incidently in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with incidently and anagrams of incidently.

Definitions of "incidently"

  • Alternative spelling of incidentally. adverb
  • Incidentally. adverb
  • Incidentally.

The word "incidently" in example sentences

No 1 was IMS Kirksville MO. which incidently is one of the places along with Kansas that I hunt every year.. [where is the best place in north america to hunt whitetale]

I’m gonna go consult my rabbi, who incidently is called Harvey.. [PENN/VAN SANT FIRE FIRST IN MILK PIC]

Despite the Nassau Court's order staying all proceedings in that action, which was then pending in Monroe County, the Monroe Court nevertheless granted Eber's motion to consolidate and, "incidently," changed the venue of the Nassau County action to Monroe County.. [Evidentiary Issues]

The art for this feature is, incidently, the most visually enthralling i've seen in a Marvel book for quite a while, and this pair really should to be on the Runaways back-ups month-in-month-out.. [Iron Fist and Runaways won’t be joining Captain Britain quite yet | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment]

(A point I co-incidently just made on my own blog). [Matthew Yglesias » The Trouble With Politeness]

An imprimatur does not guarantee orthodoxy, incidently.. [Dr. Janet Smith replies to Dr. Schindler, defends Christopher West]

The sex-club scene, incidently, harked back to another work of music theater based on the true story of a stripper turned superstar: "Gypsy.". [Royal Opera's 'Anna Nicole' misses the inner beauty]

The six referees are not among the better‑known officials on the circuit, but the plumb job goes to Peter Fitzgibbon, the most recent addition to a growing line of good Irish referees, who gets to control the match between the European champions Toulouse and the current league leaders Racing Métro (who, incidently, will be without their coach, Pierre Berbizier, for the next 60 days after a spat with the referee Christophe Berdos).. [Timely French exchange should help break down refereeing inconsistency]

(And both, incidently, have American roots on their mother's side that go very deep.). [Inhofe: The Birthers "Have A Point," And "I Don't Discourage It"]

And incidently, were the SDLPers correct in saying that none of the major parties in the ROI even has a policy on the issue?. [Second-Class Citizenship]

Most people I know that hunt will tell you that they glorify the outdoors and our undeveloped outdoor areas, the animals they observe incidently while hunting, the ability to be outdoors and in a place that is actually quiet, and that a successful hunt doesn't always culminate with the death of an animal.. [Palin as Art]

Or in a new suburban development where cars are kept separately from homes (look at the Staiths South Bank housing done by idpartnership, who incidently I work for)?. [The Air-Powered MDI Car is Coming to the US! | Inhabitat]

As to the 2nd amendment, as already mentioned, he in is on record as supporting a 500% tax on firearms and ammo, opposes concealed carry and handgun ownership, and supports revival of the Clinton assault weapons ban, which incidently eliminated availability of the Norinco knock-off of the Browning .22 auto, a real threat to humanity and the local squirrel population.. [Obama and NRA Ads]

As an European, I can tell you that almost everyone in Europe is backing Obama, because we are sick of your “war heroes or cow-boy presidents” (see the current one … I mean how could you re-elect that monkey??) please, just for once, elect someone with a BRAIN and with the capacity to USE IT PROPERLY for the good of the american people (and incidently for the rest of the world ..). [Traveling Overseas to Win Votes at Home - The Caucus Blog -]

The only way we can reclaim the disaster of the Bush/Clinton legacy and regain some respect in the world is by showing we are a true democracy (a melting pot that promotes freedom and values all citizens) in which a bi-racial man (who is incidently also the best qualified presidential candidate for the job I have ever had the honor of voting for in my lifetime) can be elected president.. [Richardson: Clinton supporters 'clinging to the throne']

The termination process incidently entails more than the mentioned codon.. [Beckwith on ID]

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Lover Boy - Incidently (1963)
Naina co-incidently saves Raghav's life
Naina co-incidently saves Raghav's life

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