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Definitions and meanings of "Incoming"

What do we mean by incoming?

Coming in or about to come in. adjective

About to assume an office or position. adjective

The act of coming in; arrival. noun

Income; revenue. noun

Coming in as an occupant, office-holder, or the like: as, an incoming tenant; the incoming administration.

Coming in as the produce of labor, property, or business; accruing.

Ensuing: as, the incoming week.

The act of coming in, entering, or arriving. noun

That which comes in; income; gain; source of revenue. noun

The act of coming in; arrival. noun

Income; gain. noun

Coming in; accruing. adjective

Coming in, succeeding, or following, as occupant or possessor. adjective

Coming (or about to come) in adjective

Succeeding to an office adjective

The act of coming in; arrival noun

A warning that something is coming towards you; especially enemy artillery fire interjection

Entering upon a position of office vacated by another adjective

Arriving at a place or position adjective

The act of entering noun

The act of coming in; arrival.

Enemy fire directed at oneself.

Obtainment or increase of wealth. The Constitution of the United States of America makes reference to income, but does not define it. No law in the USC defines income. "Income" in federal courts is treated to suggest any acquisition of Federal Reserve currency, or acquisition of any thing that can be converted to Federal Reserve currency. Urban Dictionary

The act of coming in, as in the black man's vocabulary - a verb. Urban Dictionary

An aspiring rapper who can make high quality music Urban Dictionary

An exclamatory word shouted when an onslaught of semen is imminent Urban Dictionary

An aspiring new rapper/music artist steadily gaining attention on myspace, youtube, and itunes. Also known as King Income Money and Income Money. Urban Dictionary

Plural of income. Might be different forms of income. Urban Dictionary

Anyone who moves into a new community. An asylum seeker, refugee, or economic migrant Urban Dictionary

Anyone who moves into a new community: an economic migrant refugee or asylum seeker. Urban Dictionary

This comes from use of the ‘stitch’ feature on TikTok which allows users to respond to small sections of other videos by adding (stitching) their own video. When you first see such content, the initial video may be triggering or seem to be contrary to what the creator usually posts. To warn viewers and stop them from clicking away, creators add the ‘stitch incoming’ caption to let viewers know to not exit the video too quickly, but, rather, to wait for the bit that follows (usually a rebuttal). Urban Dictionary

Money given to people without work that DO posess a house. This therefore means tramps are NOT on income support. It is meant to be spent on food and clothing, but an ACTUAL SIENTIFIC STUDY shows that 73% of people on income support buy cigerettes. (No offence if you don't!) NB) NO offence was meant with this definition. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Incoming

The word "incoming" in example sentences

The increasing inadequacy of NDS to explain what we know and what's incoming from the fields is apparent to anyone who cares to look, inside and outside the fields. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Combined with filters to automatically label incoming messages, Gmail offers powerful ways to organize email. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A collection of rays incoming from the left are refracted twice by the lens, once on entry and once on exit, and the net result is the accumulation of all rays at a focal point on the right. ❋ Unknown (2007)

All the terms incoming solar and infrared radiation, and the sensible/latent fluxes must close. ❋ EliRabett (2009)

You can bet the mud is going to fly and it's going to be incoming from the Garver direction. ❋ David (2005)

Let us call the incoming radiation from the sun “S” in watts/m2. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Jarlov also developed LogProtect (together with Luc Bellego + Michael Ballester), a censorware content filter which is now used by paranoid parents (and schools) to block certain incoming internet content and to remove outgoing keywords like names, adresses and phone numbers (based on a keyword database). ❋ Unknown (2004)

I might add that the cost of FedEx and UPS on incoming is not that excessive when you compare it to the cost of shipping UPS to Mail Boxes in Laredo. ❋ Unknown (2003)

These boards are frequently called incoming trunk boards, or merely trunk boards, and the operators who work at them and who receive the directions from the _A_ operators at the other boards are called _B_ operators, or incoming trunk operators. ❋ George Patterson (1910)

The system skillfully manages numerous calls incoming together and performs prompt call routing without sending out busy signals. ❋ Unknown (2010)

This data could label incoming fast cars on the OLED, alerting the driver to allow some extra breathing room in his lane. ❋ Unknown (2009)

2009: ACLU and ACLU of VA got a jail to changes it policies to allow Christian materials in incoming mail. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"We've got a new team coming in," Mr. Panetta said he told Mr. Karzai, referring to the incoming ambassador, Ryan Crocker , and a new military commander, Marine Lt. Gen. John Allen . ❋ Adam Entous (2011)

Mike started the drama by calling the incoming administration unworthy and liars later recanted. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He called incoming Ambassador Palmer a "very experienced" diplomat who has the full confidence of the Obama administration and who understands the challenges the U.S. government faces in the region. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The app itself consists of nothing more than a few settings, to choose which types of calls incoming, outgoing, or missed should be recorded, and which calendar to write to. ❋ Unknown (2010)

There's simply no justification for a neutral-voiced article calling the incoming Republican majority "deficit hawks." ❋ Greg Sargent (2010)

I think when you have someone like Glenn Beck, with the ratings that Glenn Beck gets, or Sean Hannity, with the ratings that Sean Hannity gets, if they are every single night highlighting this, you are starting as a reporter to -- the incoming is a lot more, you're paying more attention to it than if they ignored it. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[Income tax] is a [tax] imposed upon [incomes]. ❋ Jon Davis (2004)

"I just got in bed [wif] da [ho] and income [my wife]." ❋ Lauren Robinson (2005)

"Man, the [rap game] hasn't had any real income in over 3 years" "Bruh you trippin. You [tellin] me you ain't never heard of [Lil Yachty]?" ❋ USFG (2018)

Incoming! [Hide] behind the [semen] [shield] ❋ Cdawg184 (2008)

Drake: You heard bout' that new rapper [Income]? [Lil Wayne]: Ya man, that boy spits out A Milli-Milli-Milli times better than me. Drake: Yeh, hes hardworking too. I guess he wants to be Successful. Lil Wayne: Hes [piling] up the [income]. ❋ MarkivYshs (2010)

The [income tax] is a [tax] imposed [upon] incomes. ❋ Jon Davis (2004)

"The housing and associated needs of new [incomer] populations of refugees and asylum seekers" "Nothing quite prepares an incomer from the city to the country for the non-stop noise" "A number of [Austrians] share the Europe-wide fear of the [Polish plumber], the incomer who takes all the jobs" ❋ Henley (2007)

"The housing and associated needs of new incomer populations of refugees and asylum [seekers]" "Nothing quite prepares an incomer from the city to the country for the non-stop noise" "A number of [Austrians] share the Europe-wide fear of the [Polish plumber], the incomer who takes all the jobs" ❋ Henley (2007)

It is used as a video caption, not in a sentence. [The tik tok] creator added the caption [Stitch Incoming] to let us know that her video [critique] would directly follow the original clip. ❋ Ssskkkttt (2023)

[Income Support] Guy: 10 Malbero's, please. Cashier: That will be £2.71 then sir. Income Support Guy: Erm, *[fiddles] around [in pocket]* just take it outa ma book! *Produces [income support] book* ❋ Da Gaz (2004)

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