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Definitions of "index"

  • Something that serves to guide, point out, or otherwise facilitate reference, especially. noun
  • An alphabetized list of names, places, and subjects treated in a printed work, giving the page or pages on which each item is mentioned. noun
  • A thumb index. noun
  • A table, file, or catalog. noun
  • A list of keywords associated with a record or document, used especially as an aid in searching for information. noun
  • Something that reveals or indicates; a sign. noun
  • A character (☞) used in printing to call attention to a particular paragraph or section. noun
  • An indicator or pointer, as on a scientific instrument. noun
  • noun
  • A number or symbol, often written as a subscript or superscript to a mathematical expression, that indicates an operation to be performed, an ordering relation, or a use of the associated expression. noun
  • A number derived from a formula, used to characterize a set of data. noun
  • noun
  • A statistical value that represents the price or value of an aggregate of goods, services, wages, or other measurable quantities in comparison with a reference number for a previous period of time. noun
  • A number that represents the change in price or value of stocks or other securities in a particular market, sector, or asset class. noun
  • The stocks or other securities represented by an index. noun
  • A list formerly published by Church authority, restricting or forbidding the reading of certain books. noun
  • transitive verb
  • To furnish with an index. transitive verb
  • To enter in an index. transitive verb

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