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An individual is that which exists as a distinct entity. Individuality (or selfhood) is the state or quality of being an individual; particularly of being a person separate from other people and possessing their own needs or goals, rights and responsibilities. The exact definition of an individual is important in the fields of biology, law, and philosophy. From the 15th century and earlier (and also today within the fields of statistics and metaphysics) individual meant "indivisible", typically describing any numerically singular thing, but sometimes meaning "a person". From the 17th century on, individual indicates separateness, as in individualism.Although individuality and individualism are commonly considered to mature with age/time and experience/wealth, a sane adult human being is usually considered by the state as an "individual person" in law, even if the person denies individual culpability ("I followed instructions"). An individual person is accountable for their actions/decisions/instructions, subject to prosecution in both national and international law, from the time that they have reached age of majority, often though not always more or less coinciding with the granting of voting rights, tax and military duties/ individual right to bear arms (protected only under certain constitutions). In line with hierarchy, ultimate individual human reward for success and responsibility for failure is nonetheless found at the top of human society..

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Definitions of "individuals"

  • Plural form of individual. noun

The word "individuals" in example sentences

He might reply to the dilemma by saying, species do not exist _as species_ in the sense in which they are said to vary (variation applying only to the concrete embodiments of {272} the specific idea), and the evolution of species is demonstrated not by individuals _as individuals_, but as embodiments of different specific ideas.. [On the Genesis of Species]

_individuals_ of the same two species in crossing; so Sagaret believes this to be the case with different individuals of the same two species in being grafted together.. [On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. (2nd edition)]

"on numerous occasions, contrary to his fiduciary duty to SIC and ERB*, he ensured that Aldus recommended proposed investments that were pushed on him by politically-connected individuals in New Mexico, knowing that these politically-connected individuals** or their associates*** stood to benefit financially or politically from the investments and that the investments were not necessarily in the best economic interest of New Mexico.". [American Thinker]

But he used the term "individuals among us" and said the murder was carried out in order to exacerbate divisions within the rebel ranks.. [Slain Libyan Rebel Leader's Family Seeks Justice]

The warning that violence may sweep Beirut's streets should indictments be brought against certain individuals is slightly beside the point; we all know who would win the fight.. [Patrick Galey: History Provides Comfort for Beleaguered UN Court]

Obviously, the notion that the president must limit disclosure of his report to certain individuals is absurd.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The State of the Union Clause]

Among the duties which society owes to individuals is to grant them compensation for services sufficient not only for the current expenses of livelihood, but to the formation of a fund for the support of that time of life when nature requires a cessation from labor. 1. [Advocating The Man: Masculinity, Organized Labor, and the Household in New York, 1800-1840]

So, your attempt to frame me in with selective quotes from other individuals is as misguided as it is foolish.. [Think Progress » O’Reilly Slams NYT For Printing Photo of Rumsfeld’s Home, Doesn’t Mention Paper Had Permission]

The place where we as individuals begin to form our contacts with other individuals is the place of the home or the family.. [China Today]

“Depicting people reacting in horror to transgender individuals is a dangerous stereotype for popular media to perpetuate because it contributes to the societal conception of transgender people as abnormal and deceptive, which all-too-often results in anti-transgender violence and/or discrimination when played out in reality,” GLAAD said in a statement Wednesday.. [Amanda Peet Pregnant]

And, also, we were trying to follow a few individuals from the Hmong-American community here to reach out to the Rice Lake community.. [Documentary Re-Examines Controversial Hmong Shooting]

It's never going to be the case that each and every one of the planet's most talented individuals is born on U.S. soil.. [The mega payoff of increased immigration is lost on the pols]

The most explicit results of decreasing the supply of homes to low-income individuals is higher rents and more homelessness, not an improved standard of living.. [A Few Examples of Substandard Housing In Seattle « PubliCola]

And sure enough, pattern recognition could be used to identify individuals from the specific mix of those compounds.. [My review of Robert Michaels’s concert with the Regina Symphony Orchestra…]

Since no one has the final word when it comes to comparing the world's most powerful people, we asked an elite group of experts to make their own lists, selecting seven influential individuals from the world's nearly 7 billion people.. [The Most Powerful People On Earth]

One of the problems with awards that single out individuals is the possible effect on colleagues; the risk of eroding the team ethos, which is so evident at Southdale.. [Outstanding new teacher: dazzling performer]

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