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Definitions of "induction"

  • The act or an instance of inducting. noun
  • A ceremony or formal act by which a person is inducted, as into office or military service. noun
  • Electricity The generation of electromotive force in a closed circuit by a varying magnetic flux through the circuit. noun
  • Electricity The charging of an isolated conducting object by momentarily grounding it while a charged body is nearby. noun
  • Logic The process of deriving general principles from particular facts or instances. noun
  • Logic A conclusion reached by this process. noun
  • Mathematics A two-part method of proving a theorem involving an integral parameter. First the theorem is verified for the smallest admissible value of the integer. Then it is proven that if the theorem is true for any value of the integer, it is true for the next greater value. The final proof contains the two parts. noun
  • The act or process of inducing or bringing about, as: noun
  • Medicine The inducing of labor, whereby labor is initiated artificially with drugs such as oxytocin. noun
  • Medicine The administration of anesthetic agents and the establishment of a depth of anesthesia adequate for surgery. noun
  • Biochemistry The process of initiating or increasing the production of an enzyme, as in genetic transcription. noun
  • Embryology The process by which one part of an embryo causes adjacent tissues or parts to change form or shape, as by the diffusion of hormones or other chemicals. noun
  • Presentation of material, such as facts or evidence, in support of an argument or proposition. noun
  • A preface or prologue, especially to an early English play. noun
  • the act of inducting noun
  • a formal ceremony in which a person is appointed to an office or into military service noun
  • the generation of an electric current by a varying magnetic field noun
  • the derivation of general principles from specific instances noun
  • A general proof of a theorem by first proving it for a specific integer (for example) and showing that, if it is true for one integer then it must be true for the next. noun

The word "induction" in example sentences

The corresponding hydrodynamic phenomena may be regarded in a similar manner; thus, when a vibrating or pulsating body immersed in a liquid surrounds itself with a field of vibrations, or communicates vibrations to other immersed bodies within that vibratory field, the phenomena so produced may be looked upon as phenomena of hydrodynamic induction, while on the other hand, when a vibrating or pulsating body attracts or repels another pulsating or vibratory body (whether such vibrations be produced by outside mechanical agency or by hydrodynamical induction), then the phenomena so produced are those of hydrodynamical action, and it is in this way that we shall treat the phenomena throughout this article, using the words _induction_ and. [Scientific American Supplement, No. 488, May 9, 1885]

In the next place, the charges at _a_, _c_, and _d_ were of such a nature as might be expected from an inductive action in straight lines, but that obtained at _b_ is _not so_: it is clearly a charge by induction, but _induction_ in _a curved line_; for the carrier ball whilst applied to _b_, and after its removal to a distance of six inches or more from B, could not, in consequence of the size of B, be connected by a straight line with any part of the excited and inducing shell-lac.. [Experimental Researches in Electricity, Volume 1]

_specific electric induction_ for different bodies, which, if it existed, would unequivocally prove the dependence of induction on the particles; and though this, in the theory of Poisson and others, has never been supposed to be the case, I was soon led to doubt the received opinion, and have taken great pains in subjecting this point to close experimental examination.. [Experimental Researches in Electricity, Volume 1]

The specific problem for the EF in particular and most of ID in general is not so much what you describe as the induction problem is this a well-known philosophical problem?. [A brief look at two comments on one ID-creo site - The Panda's Thumb]

The pocket-miner put two and two together, and made a correct induction from the different little things which came under his notice.. [CHAPTER 15]

But isn't this an induction from a very small number of data points?. [The Libertarian Case for Divided Government, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

The place of the problem of induction is usurped by the problem of the comparative goodness or badness of the rival conjectures or theories that have been proposed.. [Contemporary Mythologies]

If you can show me an instance of such a thing, that was not endowed with goals, foresight, knowledge, ability to learn, and induction from a previous human-like intelligence, my suspicion will be invalidated.. [Bunny and a Book]

Their average age at induction is 24, Hopkins said.. [Young Women Flocking to Convents | Impact Lab]

In Plantinga's list of TWO DOZEN (OR SO) THEISTIC ARGUMENTS which I linked to in my preceding comment (at 'such reasons'), the one from induction is at letter M.. [Bits and Pieces of an RNA World]

Whereas, given theism and in particular its hypothesis that the world has a perfectly rational, perfectly good and perfectly almighty creator, induction is fully justified from a rational point of view, since such a creator would not frustrate his rational (and even non-rational) creatures 'nature and agency/behavior by making an irrational, irregular and hence unpredictable world. [Bits and Pieces of an RNA World]

But even on internalist theories of knowledge, one is, as Hume realized, still faced with the problem of induction being itself unjustifed without circularity, given naturalism; whereas, if we have reasons to accept theism that are logically independent of the issue of justifying induction (and all philosophical theists do think we have such reasons), then we have a warrant for believing induction is reliable that is independent of induction and hence non-circular.. [Bits and Pieces of an RNA World]

May 22nd, 2007 at 5: 24 pm stunney: But given theism, induction is (in fact or probably) a reliable belief-formation process.. [Bits and Pieces of an RNA World]

Furthermore, many theists do not believe that induction is a "reliable belief-formation process".. [Bits and Pieces of an RNA World]

Rather we have a measure of confidence in induction which, while demonstrably better than the null-hypothesis, is necessarily limited by our experience.. [Bits and Pieces of an RNA World]

But given theism, induction is (in fact or probably) a reliable belief-formation process.. [Bits and Pieces of an RNA World]

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